Weapons and their Rarity

Weapons and their Rarity
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Assault Rifles

Assault Rifle Burst [has a common, uncommon, rare variant]

If you are particularly sensitive with the cons of weapons in FPS games, know that this rifle can have a very punishing recoil. Nonetheless, when in close range, the burst is still pretty handy.

Weapons and their Rarity

M16 [has a common, uncommon, rare variant]

Probably the worst assault rifle to have when you are engaged by other players. If by any chance you are currently stuck with this type of weapon, just make sure you are in an uncompromised position before you even try to engage a target.

SCAR [reserved for epic, legendary variants]

Would do a great job for a mid-range weapon especially the legendary variant for high damage output.

Scoped Rifle [reserved for rare, and epic variants]

Probably the most versatile weapon in the game which is used most of the time as the its effective range is commonly the safest distance where people typically engage their targets.


Bolt-Action Sniper [reserved for rare, epic, legendary variants]

A pretty trusty weapon if your into accuracy and deadly damage. Take note though that its main downside is the sluggish reload time. Best when you pick unassuming targets that are alone (meaning un-engaged by other players), and unobstructed by fortifications.

Weapons and their Rarity

Hunting Rifle [has an uncommon, rare variant]

A good damage dealer used for both medium and long range targets. Take a good aim and make sure to be in a strong position as the rifle has a single-round chamber, meaning it will either get you a one shoot kill, or you'll make a fool out of yourself for revealing your location when you fail.

Semi-Auto Sniper [reserved for epic, rare variant]

Slightly less powerful when compared to the Bolt-Action Sniper, although in exchange, you get fire it multiple times. To be exact, its fully loaded magazine can shell out 10 rounds. If you are particularly good with long ranged weapons, and you are in a good proximity to multiple threats -- this is the perfect weapon for you.


Revolver [has a common, uncommon, rare variant]

Probably the east effective weapon type in the game, not to mention they are only effective on close range which can really be death-defying instance in the game. Good to have at least if your enemy is still stuck on his/her pickaxe.

Weapons and their Rarity

Pistol [has a common, uncommon, rare variant]

Probably not your first weapon of choice if you had other options. Aside from being only efficient for close combat, it also has a slightly higher damage output to that of the revolver. Nonetheless, it is still way more efficient in killing than swinging your pickaxe.

Suppressed Pistol [reserved for epic, legendary variants]

When you feel like playing the "assassin" and particularly fond of close range encounters, this firearm lends you a massive firepower equivalent, if not more, head shot damage to that of an assault rifle. With the nifty silencer in place, you'll pretty much get away with your act without being noticed by other players within your proximity.

Hand Cannon [reserved for epic, legendary variants]

Still a short-range weapon, although in an excessively deadly fashion, it uses heavy ammo which in return leaves a nasty damage to its victims. Be wary of the excessive noise it causes too as it usually calls out a lot of attention in return.


Heavy Shotgun [reserved for epic, legendary variants]

Probably the only thing that would differentiate this baby to other shotguns is it versatility -- as it can still be pretty effective even in long range gunfights. Since a shotgun is a must-have in your inventory, particularly having this variant at your disposal is your closest chance of winning the tourney.

Pump shotgun [has an uncommon, rare variant]

You can never go wrong with a shotgun in this game. But for the sole reason of comparing it to other firearms, the pump shotgun a notch a greater when it comes to damage dealing compared to that of other close-ranged counterparts. The main downside is its fire rate as an effect from the slow reload time.

Tactical shotgun [has a common, uncommon variant]

Typically not as powerful as your pump-action (damage-wise), but as we've said, you still can never go wrong with a shotgun in this game as it is pretty much still the most effective weapon in close combat situations.

Sub-Machine Guns

Sub-Machine Gun [has a common, uncommon variant]

As we've tackled, each type of player has their own strategy and a weapon of choice to go with that. If you are particularly aimed for upsizing your DPS in the game, SMGs are surely the way to go. It can be a pain to efficiently use them in battles, but if capable, they could set you apart from the rest of the flock.

Weapons and their Rarity

Tactical SMG [has an uncommon, rare, epic, legendary variant]

Typically harder to find, not to boot its legendary variant. Nonetheless if you get lucky enough to get your hands on this equipment, it should give you a bigger magazine size, with commensurate nasty damage.

Silenced SMG [has a common, uncommon, rare variant]

Simply put, an SMG with silencer. Given that the weapon is vested with a silencer, you'll never have to resist the temptation of running to a killing spree in the game. Although this variety of SMG has a slower fire rate compared to its siblings, it still packs that nasty punch.

Heavy weapons

Crossbow [reserved for rare, and epic variants]

A relatively new heavy weapon that does pack a heavy punch. Although take note that it would probably fall on the lower end of the spectrum, in contrast to other heavy weapons. On the plus side, this weapon has unlimited ammo.

Weapons and their Rarity

Grenade Launcher [reserved for rare, epic, and legendary variants]

Brute strength always prevails. At least if you efficiently handle this weapon. It lacks the range and damage that an RPG has, but the additional 5 sets of rounds would pretty much make up for it. Take your time to figure out how to effectively use this weapon as it can easily desolate your enemies.

Light Machine Gun [reserved for rare, and epic variants]

One of the most promising firearm to have in the game. Given that there are at least two variants to find in the game, it is more likely to show up in a match-up than the mini-gun -- which happens to only have a legendary variant. Although not as powerful as the mini-gun, it pretty much makes up on its fire rate and number of rounds per reload. On the downside however, reloads take quite a bit of time.

Mini-gun [only legendary variant]

Probably the most promising firearm to have in the game. Basically a sub-machine gun that uses light bullets. It'll be a shame if you get to find one and not win the tourney as it could easily desolate your enemies to kingdom come. Given that this weapon only has a legendary variant, it'll be hard to actually obtain or even see one while playing.

Weapons and their Rarity

Rocket Launcher [reserved for rare, epic, and legendary variants]

Say your tired of playing covert and you want to take down fortifications of a seemingly very strategic and technical kind of adversary -- welcome, the rocket launcher. Fires a devastating round from medium to long distances without having to worry to much about accuracy as it would nonetheless obliterate anything within the proximity. Be cautious though, one round of destruction would also easily giveaway your whereabouts.

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