How Can I Improve My Chances of Winning?

How Can I Improve My Chances of Winning?
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How Can I Improve My Chances of Winning?
Tired of losing in the game? Well, here are some very useful tips that might help you get up the ranks and improve your chances of winning!

Pick the right drop-off point - if you are particularly new in the game, it should be alright to find yourself dying on the first few minutes of a match. Take this as an experience and be wary of the places that usually have heavy foot traffic -- meaning the places that people usually flock in the first phase of the game. Chances are, more experienced players know exactly where to get the good stuff and easily put themselves at an advantageous position over everyone else.

Keep a low-profile - one of the most important things remember in the game is to lessen your noise footprint. Keeping yourself undetected starts with being cautious with every single thing that you do in the game. Remember that seasoned players can easily detect where people happen to doing some engagement in the game that produces a relative noise such as cutting down trees, gunfights, and even simply running. Cutting down on unnecessary noise should help you survive the game much longer!

Have critical awareness of your surroundings - you should always be on your toes in this game. Whenever a critical situation arrives, being able to quickly react on it is a good skill to have. But none of this should even happen in the first place if you are particularly aware of your surroundings. The most crucial lesson here is to never relax in the game. Even if you're sitting down to take a medkit, make sure to have covered all grounds, and be wary of any potential threats. As soon as you get complacent in the game, other players could surprise and easily overpower you.

How Can I Improve My Chances of Winning?
You basically acquire shield from three health items in the game: Shield Potion, Small Shield Potion, and from a Slurp Juice. A Shield Potions would vest you with 50 shield points, and can fill up the gauge to its maximum of 100 (if taken twice, or after two mini shield potions). Small Shield Potions on the other hand will pump up your shield points by 25, and can only fill it up to 50. Lastly, the Slurp Juice, gives you 25 shield points along with a 25 HP replenish.

No such thing as free loots - if you happen to come across a great deal of spoils lying around the road, chances are, they are left there as a bait. Nothing is really easy in this game - especially getting your hands on those hard to come by stuff like shield Potions and legendary items. Resist the temptation because you now know better!

On a similar note, this makes up a good elaborate trick to up your game. You can lure in unsuspecting subjects by placing tempting items as such and then placing a concealed trap right next to it. Aside from keeping you out of the unnecessary one on one gunfight, it is fun to watch people falling victims to your trap.

How Can I Improve My Chances of Winning?
Engage only if you're in a strong position to win - while you may be confident with your shooting skills as you may have been a seasoned FPS player on a different game, never underestimate the chance that a third party could sneak up on you while you're engaged in a gunfight. Remember, gunfights in the game always call out the attention of other players. If one happens to near by, he/she could easily prey on both of you while you are busy trying to kill each other.

The game's main objective is to be the last man standing - even if you were a seasoned FPS gamer from a different game, it would be lame to find yourself not even qualifying the last half of the battle. Remember, this is not a "Who had the most kills" kind of game.

Also be prepared for the worse. Say you've bagged a great trusty shotgun and went off and engaged an unsuspecting victim trying to build his or her bunker. You'll never really know what weapon he or she is equipped with until she fights back. If you do not have that one shot kill, just be prepared for the worst thing that he/she can pull off.

Utilize the visual cues - always be mindful of the visual cues that you see in your screen. They usually lead you towards a chest, or alert you if any audible noise is present within proximity(gunfights, pickaxe noise, or even footsteps). Knowing where other players are is half the battle in this particular game - as you'll always be ahead of the game by having the knowledge to counteract each situation. The good thing is that the mobile version of the game included this particular perk. Now you'll just have to make good use of it!

Gulp up some potions - if you happen to get your hands on shield Potions in the game, make sure to use it as soon as you get the safe chance to consume it. The potion should last the duration of the entire match, and would generally give you a few hits to spare before you actually get HP loss from a gunfight. Be wary though that the shield potions only protect you from player encounters. That said, it won't protect you from falling, and when you're caught out in the storm.

Practice building - you might find your way surviving the half of the match, you've got the shooting skills, and you've pretty much adapted to this game's map. Yet you're just not there yet when it comes to bagging the top spot. Of course not. In Fortnite, learning how to muster your fortifications and doing it right changes the dynamics of your gameplay. Remember that in this game, your only as good as your defense is.

How Can I Improve My Chances of Winning?
A quick tip: for the most part, you'll only use wood as your build material for you can build structures faster with it, and its initial HP can take more damage too (100 HP). On the latter part of the match where players would tend to build their final fortresses - will you only probably use the other materials in order to build your bunker as sturdy as it can be. A relatively solid standing tower and a trusty sniper rifle is nothing but good concoction for victory.

Falling trees give away your location - you might have learned a thing or two from the Tips that you've read. Your aim is to scavenge for Building Materials, not to give away your location. Never exhaust the trees of wood as they would fall down when you do. Since they are particularly standing upright, people can easily spot them if they fall down -- ultimately giving away your location.

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