What is the Battle Pass in Fortnite?

What is the Battle Pass in Fortnite?
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What is the Battle Pass in Fortnite?
In simple terms, a Battle Pass is more like a premium update package for the base version of the game. As you would probably notice while playing, by default, everything in the game would look monotonous in terms of design. For instance, you initially get limited character designs, one type of glider, the basic pickaxe look, and even the loading screens themselves look bland.

What is the Battle Pass in Fortnite?
Although you could fully enjoy Fornite with its highly re-playable battle royale game, the free version of the game feels more like a fully-functional but rough-looking game. With a battle pass though, it will basically reward the player with a package update that will give you customization options for the default items in the game such as character designs, character emotes, glider designs, and even minute details like tweaking those contrails to look like spirally rainbow mists whenever you drop-off the bus.

How do I obtain a Battle Pass?

When you launch Fortnite (whichever platform you’re in), go to the Battle Royale mode of the game, and then navigate to the “Battle Pass” Tab in the screen, and then simply pick the option
“Purchase Battle Pass”. Take note though that you’ll need v-bucks to purchase it -- an in-game currency specifically used in this game.

In other platforms like the console and PC versions of the game, you are capable of earning these v-bucks by simply playing through the missions on it’s PvE mode “Save the World”. However, given that you do not have access to the PvE mode in the mobile version of the game, you can only earn them through IAPs (in-app purchases in the game are sold as packages of v-bucks). Given that the game can be played in all platforms, you are also entitled to access your console or PC played accounts in the mobile platform, with all your of progress intact.

What is the Battle Pass in Fortnite?
Additional important info related to the Battle Pass:

What if I buy the battle pass late in the season?
You will receive all of the rewards up to your current level, retroactively.

Do I keep my battle pass rewards after the season ends?
Yes. You keep every Battle Pass cosmetic earned each season.

How can I get free V-bucks in Fortnite? Is this legal? If not, what are the repercussions?
Apart from earning them for free when playing the PvE mode and through daily log-in rewards, you generally can’t or at least there isn't a way to generate them for free. However, If the manner of obtaining them is leaning towards exploiting or hacking the game itself, this would be illegal -- which might lead towards being banned from the game. There are quite a lot of third party promotional gimmicks that might actually reward v-bucks for subscribing to their internal objective - nonetheless, your discretion is advised.

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