Is a Shield Potion better than a Medkit?

Is a Shield Potion better than a Medkit?
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Is a Shield Potion better than a Medkit?

Not necessarily. Although you might have noticed how players are trying their best to get their hands on a shield potion to the point that they’ll even compromise themselves in the process of obtaining the said item.

To get started, you should know the difference of the two. While medkits are used to replenish lost health points (by 50 HP each), shield potions acts like an extension to your HP.

You can have an instance where you lost half of your HP, and then found 2 shield potions, and when you have successfully consumed them, you’ll end up with 100 shield points and still 50 HP.

Is a Shield Potion better than a Medkit?

They are configured in a way that whenever you take damage from a melee weapon like a pickaxe or a gunfight, the shield points will be the first gauge to get the deduction. Take note though that falling from more than 3 stories high wouldn't grant you any protection from your shield points as well as being caught out in the storm.

But all things considered, it is very important that you do have a shield potions if you want to have an advantage over your opponents as it would generally give you a bit more of wiggle room when taking hits from a gunfight.

Is a Shield Potion better than a Medkit?

Technically speaking, if for example you have 100 HP and 100 Shield Points, your opponents would have to hit you a total of 200 hit points before they get to actually kill you. This is why most of the time, people will go out of their comfort zones, just to have them.

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