Introduction to Weapons

Introduction to Weapons
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Introduction to Weapons
A Shooter game is only as good as its assortment of weapons in its arsenal. Luckily, Fortnite's array of weapons come in a variety of sizes. Not limited to this, the weapons in the game also follow the game's usual grading of items -- using color as its basic reference.

Color Grades of Weapons:

Grey - Common
Green - Uncommon
Blue - Rare
Pink/Purple - Epic
Gold/Yellow - Legendary

So let's say you got yourself a legendary item. What does that really mean?

Well if you are talking about numbers, a higher grade weapon simply means it is better in all aspects compared to a common one or to its less-rare counterpart. This mainly affects the overall damage of the weapon or sometimes its fire rate. Other than that, it can also lend you a bit of help when easing-in on your targets (better bullet drop rate, or spraying).

Introduction to Weapons
Weapons in the battle-royale tend to be concentrated in labeled points of interest in the map (as seen before you jump from the bus). These are the small towns, or old big compounds with lots of abandoned warehouses. The hillside will tend to have some chests as well although not as concentrated as on usually high-traffic locations.

Depending on your strategy and type of play, there will be a preferred type of weapon for you. For the most case, long ranged weapons tend favored more by lots of players as they are accustomed to using this in other FPS games. It is to note though that there are several downsides in using long-range weapons in the game. For one thing, you can't kill a person from shooting them from the creases of a fortification (which is a let down). Additionally, the game you'll have to sit still to make good use of these weapons - which in this game, will definitely put you in a very vulnerable position.

Introduction to Weapons
Of course, it's best to keep it safe and have those very handy short-range firearms to keep you ready for any close combat situation. Needless to say, training your proficiency with the different types of weapons in the game could ultimately give you a better chance in surviving the match.

Organizing and Accessing your Weapons:

To pick specific weapons to use in your inventory, simply click the backpack icon at the bottom of the screen. When you get there, you can scour for all the weapons that you have currently looted in the game. To get them lined up as your preferred weapon/s, simply drag them to the shortcut buttons found at the bottom of the screen.

Introduction to Weapons
While in battle mode, clicking these shortcut buttons of the weapons will easily have you interchange your currently equipped weapon. Take note that when you select a specific weapon, its remaining ammo and reloads is also displayed on top of the weapon selection button panel. To reload your weapon, simply click on button on the rightmost part of this indicator.


(For new players) To get a better aim on your targets, you might want to crouch and click the scope/aim button to sit still and have a better aim at your targets. Practice short bursts of fire instead of having it fire automatically as it will prevent bullet spray (which makes it less accurate on hitting the target), ultimately making it more efficient both on your ammunition usage and the damage you are actually dealing.

Make sure that you also practice both for long-range and at least a mid-range weapon. Only through practice will you get the actual scope and limitations of each type of weapon, and get a feel of the vulnerabilities of being stuck on a specific type or range of a specific weapon. Weigh the effective distance of each weapon by repeated use, and pick which ones you are best comfortable with to get yourself a better chance in gunfights.

Introduction to Weapons
Finally, remember that the game does not reward for your number of kills. The goal here is to be the last man standing -- meaning, the best course of action is to still keep yourself away from harms way at all cost. Although when an engagement is imminent, nothing beats a trusty weapon, and some pretty polished shooting skills.

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