Does Fortnite Mobile have the PvE mode?

Does Fortnite Mobile have the PvE mode?
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Does Fortnite Mobile have the PvE mode?

Fortnite Mobile apparently do not have the campaign mode -- and probably would never have one for the mobile platform. There are lots of factors why “Save the World” would never find its way the mobile platform. For one thing, the PvE mode would most likely eat up a whole lot of resources and computing power compared to that of the Battle Royale which would result to bigger installation size and limitations that would ultimately exclude lots of mid-level to entry level devices.

Another reason for not pushing through with the PvE mode is probably due to feasibility reasons. We can’t deny the traction that the battle royale gets from players. If you played the PC or console version of the game, you might have even noticed that the battle royale updates are more frequent than that of the PvE mode. At the end of the day, this is still a business, and as a business, it is but logical to put your bets on where the money is.

Does Fortnite Mobile have the PvE mode?

Another deciding factor is from factual basis that the game’s battle royale mode proves to have better player retention compared to that of the campaign mode. Even if you get occasional updates for the campaign mode for more missions, it can only hope to beat the replayability of its PvP mode. That said, you can easily see how this isn’t as promising from a business perspective.

Lastly and most importantly, even the developers themselves have stated on their official page that there will never be a campaign mode for the mobile platform.

Nonetheless, you’ll still be able to enjoy your account’s progress (on other platforms), when you play it on the mobile platform. This includes all the season passes that you might already have unlocked, skins, emote, and what not -- which in itself is sweet!

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