How Does Fortnite Differ from PUBG?

How Does Fortnite Differ from PUBG?
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How Does Fortnite Differ from PUBG?

Did it ever occur to you when you search the internet for stuff about Fornite, you’ll see a surprising number of articles or forum subjects comparing the game with PlayerUnknown’s Battleground (or PUBG)?

Well, the reason for this is that both games somehow share key components which makes them both appealing and addictive. To make it more clear why they are always compared, we’ve noted some of their basic similarities;

- Their battle royale game modes are spin-offs from their original games.

- Both are shooter games, with the concept of having players scour for weapons that are spread out in the map.

- In both games, players are tossed from the sky in search for effective drop-off and starting points in the game.

- Both games start with a 100 headcount match-up.

- Both games define a safe zone that gradually shrinks overtime.

- There is only one victor every match.

How Does Fortnite Differ from PUBG?

On the other hand, here are their key differences that make them somewhat more appealing compared to their counterpart:


- Lighter overall mood from its character design and general motif.

- Sandbox capability acts as an additional variable to increase one's chance to win the game.

- Glider has farther reach or gets you towards a greater distance compared to that of PUBG

- The gun-fight mechanics of the game has an arcade-ish like feel - which makes it a bit more attractive to casual players.


- Realistic avatar proportions and close to real world motif has on its own, its patrons.

- Vehicles in the game lends a GTA like experience which is hands down cool.

- Gun-fight mechanics are very FPS-like and much more realistic - which probably why it is more appealing to those exceptionally skilled with it.

- Claim for the game's original concept.

How Does Fortnite Differ from PUBG?

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