Items (Battle Royale)

Items (Battle Royale)
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Items (Battle Royale)

Introduction to Battle Royale Items

Say you got yourself a legendary weapon for a loot, that's obviously great and all as having a good weapon at your disposal is one of the key factors in increasing your chances to come out on top of the game. However, it does not simply stop there. For one thing, there is likely the chance that there are others who got their hands on similarly powerful weapons.

It will all boil down to who's better at aiming, or who's got the skills to outwit the his/her opponents. If you are not particularly sharp in shooting weapons in the game, it could mean that a mere millisecond can make or break your chance of victory. The good news is that there’s a wide selection of items that generally acts like an additional variable that lends those in luck - the chance to succeed.

Items (Battle Royale)
As a quick note, Fortnite constantly updates the game to polish the rough edges and the dynamics of the game. What this mean is that; your favorite effective weapon now might not be as effective the next week you play. With ever evolving patches and fixes, you should always be on your toes and the top of your game. At the same time, we’ll try our best to continuously update this guide to make sure it's always as relevant.

Battle Royale Items:

Chances are, you've improved a bit on playing the game and have completely adapted to the mobile version's input control and interface. If your lucky, you might even get yourself some epic weapons every now and then. However, you're just not there yet bagging a victory for yourself. It turns out, it takes a well rounded player to get to the top spot. In any case, you probably know by now how to find yourselves some decent amount of loots in the game - what left for you to now is make good use of these loots to help you outperform your opponents.

At current, there are a total of nine different items to find in the Battle Royale and are categorized as such:


These items are mostly among the collection of other loot items inside a chest. Not limited to this, they might simply just as well be scattered everywhere as spoils from places where people got shot or ambushed. It would make sense to see traps left out as not a lot of people have the patience to use them effectively in the game. Nonetheless, learning how to effectively use them could ultimately change the game and make you have an edge against everyone else.

Items (Battle Royale)
Spike Trap – usually placed on ceilings, floors, or walls. When they're put up covertly, spike traps can take players by surprise and effectively beat them to a pulp. These are great when luring unsuspecting opponents or strategically placing them where an irresistible loot like an unassuming shield potion is lying around.

Items (Battle Royale)
Launch Pad – unusually sought after by a lot of players as it propels people up in the sky and have them glide down their enemies. Aside from being putting you in a a very precarious and vulnerable position, we do not recommend using this trap especially if you are not confident in overpowering your enemies. Another great piece though if you are planning to make an elaborate trap that would unwillingly propel your enemies to a spike or something.

Cozy Campfire – while the game categorizes this item as such, it really does not serve a similar purpose. Instead, this item lends players an HP replenishing buff (about 2 units per second) that would last for around 25 seconds. If medkits aren't around to replenish your health points, beggars can't be choosy. Find a safe spot and activate the trap to reap its benefits.

Items (Battle Royale)
Bush – although not really a trap, if feels just like one as at it has that surprise factor like what a trap usually does. The bush is probably an FPs gamer favorite among all items. Who wouldn't fall in love with this old "snake" trick. Not that it is super effective, its just that it's fun to use right? What's more is that you'll find lots of the stuff in the game too. When used, it'll get your avatar hiding inside a bush where you could also sneak around unsuspecting players and blow them to kingdom come.

Items (Battle Royale)

Health Items

Encounters are impossible to avoid in the game, so in case you got yourself in a nasty gun fight and managed to survive, a health kit is all you need to get you in shape for another fight. Not limited to this, there potions too that lends you some sort of extra vitality or buff. Vested with it, you'll ultimately get the upper hand in any encounter.

Bandages – a quick fix when you grazed yourself from a gun-fight. Not only that they activate quicker than the medkit, they are usually easy to come by as well. A bandage heals your around 15 HP, and can be used up until you reach 75 of your HP. To get it back to a full 100, you'll be needing a medkit instead.

Items (Battle Royale)
Med-kit – aside from being hard to come by, a medkit takes quite a bit of time to activate too. You should be wary when to use it as it make you utterly vulnerable while performing the actual healing process. Well, at least not as long as that of using a Cozy Campfire. When used, it will heal you to 100% HP. Sweet!

Shield Potions – one of the most sought after items in the game as they serve as an extra points of vitality. If taken, it'll fill up your shield gauge by 50% (by default, it is 0%). Their main purpose is to act as an extension to your HP. Instead of directly receiving the damage from a gunfight, your shield gauge will take the damage first. are extremely important because they grant the player a 50% boost to their shields, which will allow them to increase their chances of surviving firefights with enemy players. Take note though that your shield wouldn't take damage from a fall (more than 3 structures high), and when outside the storm.

Items (Battle Royale)
Mini-Shield Potions – a cut down version of the shield potion. It is similar on all aspects aside from the shield value that is grants you. Mini Shield Potion fills your shield gauge about 25% (half of that of Shield Potions), and up to a maximum of 50% only. To fill up the gauge the remaining 50%, what you'll need instead is the Shield Potion.

Slurp Juice – is a better deal than simply taking a potions or bandages as they grant you both in one slurp! Each time you use this item, it'll replenish you 25% of your HP, and grant you 25% shield points at the same time. What's more is that it is surprisingly not that rare in the game.

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