Common Newbie Mistakes

Common Newbie Mistakes
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Common Newbie Mistakes
Tired of losing your matches? You might be doing one of these common mistakes a beginner usually does in Fortnite. Learn valuable lessons below and be cautious not to do any of the common mistakes newbies tend to do in the game.

Fortnite battle royale's main objective is to be the last man standing...
Even if you were a seasoned FPS gamer from a different game, it would be lame to find yourself not even qualifying the last half of the battle. Remember, this is not a "Who had the most kills" kind of game.

Common Newbie Mistakes
You might be picking the wrong drop-off points...
If you are particularly new in the game, it should be alright to find yourself dying on the first few minutes of a match. Take this as an experience and be wary of the places that usually have heavy foot traffic -- meaning the places that people usually flock in the first phase of the game. Chances are, more experienced players know exactly where to get the good stuff and easily put themselves at an advantageous position over everyone else.

Exhausting the trees for wood...
You might have learned a thing or two from the tips that you've read. Your aim is to scavenge for building materials, not to give away your location. Never exhaust the trees of wood as they would fall down when you do. Since they are particularly standing upright, people can easily spot them if they fall down -- ultimately giving away your location.

Common Newbie Mistakes
Rushing towards spoils...
You've heard about how rare shield potions are in the game, and suddenly you see one lying around your path with other seemingly free loots to have. This is too good to be true and try your best to not fall for it. Always assume that other players will always try to outwit everyone in the game. Most likely, there is someone there waiting for passers-by to pick it up and then go for the kill.

Common Newbie Mistakes
Under-utilizing visual and audible cues...
One of the most under utilized help given by the game is ignoring the visual and audible cues. Half of the battle in this game is to know where your opponents are, and this is the exact system that provides it. Not limited to this, you also get cues whenever a chest is within proximity.

Not building at all...
You didn't think you could win with just your shooting skills did you? The sandbox capability is incorporated in this game to utterly change the usual dynamics of an FPS game. Learn to build and you'll see how it can change your game.

Sticking to a weapon preference...
Unlike most FPS or shooter games out there, you do not have the luxury to equip yourself with a weapon of choice in this game. Instead, it is left for luck to decide what weapon will end up in your capable hands. No one is given the right to be picky in this survival game. Even a pickaxe can be your redeemer if given the right stroke of luck.

Common Newbie Mistakes
Using structures at a vulnerable height / position...
Say you've learned to tinker with the sandbox feature of the game. Chances are, you'll use them in one occasion and fall victim when they go crashing down. A rudimentary rule of thumb is to build structure only up to three structures high. Falling from structures higher than this can ultimately damage your HP.

Panicking from being swept by the storm...
Even if you happen to be outside the safe area when the eye of the storm shrinks, it will take time to actually completely drain your life. Oftentimes, being caught up in such situation would bring panic to new players leaving them vulnerable to other preying players. Stay collected and keep a keen eye for preys.

Common Newbie Mistakes

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