What is the Best Weapon of Choice in the Game?

What is the Best Weapon of Choice in the Game?
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What is the Best Weapon of Choice in the Game?
To answer this question in a straightforward manner, there is none. For one thing, you do not have a choice for which weapon you'll have in the game. But the best answer to this particular question is to have at least three types weapon (in any grade) before you reach the final phase of the game (where typically there will be less than 10 people left in the game).

First one is a trusty shot-gun. One of the most promising weapons to use as your encounters would most likely be surprise attacks in the game. Nothing beats the damage of this firearm especially when engaged in a mid-range to close-range confrontations. There is also a long range shotgun variant but is quite harder to come by. Nonetheless, shotguns in the game are not that hard to obtain as there should be plenty in every match.

What is the Best Weapon of Choice in the Game?
Second is any sniper rifle. During the last phase of the match, if you want to play it safe within your bunker, you should at least have a sniper rifle to extend your reach to other player fortresses. Otherwise, you'll be a sitting duck in your own fortress. A sniper rifle can easily put down an enemy from afar, but if in case you miss your shots, switch to your mid-range weapon if the threat continues to pursue you.

Third, if you happen to bag in a Grenade or Rocket Launcher (or any heavy gun). Nothing beats fearsome firepower. When everything fails and your strategy does not simply fall into place, there is always the "Plan B". A saying goes: If the mind fails, brute strength prevails! Same is true in this game.

What is the Best Weapon of Choice in the Game?
During a number of repeated trials in Fornite Battle Royale, we've seen that these 3 weapon combination happen to always be around and not that difficult to come by. At the very least, this is as close as we can get to actually answering the question. Hope this helps!

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