Vending Machines

Vending Machines
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Vending Machines
Vending machines in the game generally provide you the opportunity to earn rare weapons using your resources (building materials like wood, brick and metal) as payment. At the very least, grinding to gather resources can be more rewarding now than just using them to build temporary fortifications in the battle royale.

Throughout the entire map, these vending machines are spreadout so players can access them and exchange scavenged building materials to random items. Familiarizing yourself with the entire map and important places therein is a huge advantage for any player. Even better, it would bring you nothing but benefits to know the location of a vending machine in case you've got extra resources at your disposal.

How it works?

It's pretty simple to actually use these vending machines. Basically, they're like in-game stores were you could do a purchase -- using building materials as your token/money. Depending on the quantity of building materials you'll be exchanging, you get the different rarity of items. Regardless of the quantity though, what you'll actually get would still be random.

It works like this; a Vending Machine will offer three different items before you even try to purchase. Each item requires a specific building material (meaning there's one for wood, one for brick, and one for metal). All items gain a bump on their rarity depending on how much resources you're willing to exchange for them.

Cost of Rarity Guide:

Common - 100 materials
Uncommon - 200 materials
Rare 300 materials
Epic - 400 materials
Legendary - 500 materials

Additional Tip: You can actually hit the vending machine with your pickaxe to somewhat get your stroke of luck help spin the rotation of the items - which kind of speeds up the whole process at the same time. Nonetheless, if you don't, it will spin on its own. There is also no limit to how much items you can purchase -- as long as you have the resources to push through with a spin.

Vending Machines
The image above is the game's map, indicated with points of interests to guide players about the plausible whereabouts of these vending machines. Take note though that they are not always fixed to one location. They work similarly to chest where they spawn randomly on select points of interest. As you get familiarized with their usual spawn locations, it'll be like second to breathing to actually get a hold of one, whenever you plan to make a purchase.

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