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What are the Different Hero Skills?

What are the Different Hero Skills?
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Each character in the game has their own set of skills that the can use, thus making all of them unique. However, skills can be divided into different categories, and this is applicable to all characters.

Normal Attack

Normal attacks can be melee or ranged. They are attacks that are automatically used by your character if they're not using other skills. The rate of your attack is determined by your attack speed. You should be able to see this during battle through the white bar above your character's HP and Mana bar.

What are the Different Hero Skills?

Usable Skills

During battle, your character has three usable skills. Two of which are regular skills, while the other is their ultimate skill. Regular skills vary from doing damage, support, de-buffs, etc. Ultimate attacks trigger an animation

What are the Different Hero Skills?

Leader Skills

Each character has a passive skill that provides bonuses for your whole troop. You can see the leader skill of a character below their skill list, and you can assign this skill through the "Leader" button on the right side when you're arranging your troops.

What are the Different Hero Skills?

Potential Skills

Potential skills are locked by default for each character. In order to unlock them, you need to get a potential stone that's compatible for your character. Potential stones can be obtained from crafting, and some stones are obtained through summon tickets.

Potential skills aren't cast manually, but they are automatic skills with a cool down. Each character has a different potential skill available, they can range from effects for your troops, or versus your enemies.

What are the Different Hero Skills?

Devil's Gem Skills

Devil's Gems are items in the game that grant skills to the character you've chosen. You sign a contract with the devil, and the effect of that stone will be added to your character. Devil's gems can be acquired through summon attempts in the shop while some can be crafted. Similar to potential skills, their effects are automatic.

What are the Different Hero Skills?

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