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How to Level Up Heroes?

How to Level Up Heroes?
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When using heroes in battle, they’ll gain EXP and level up once the required EXP has been achieved. Upon leveling up, the hero’s stats are increased.

How to Level Up Heroes?

You can also manually level up heroes by “feeding” or sacrificing extra monsters, unneeded heroes, or Baby Ravi cards. To do this, you have to open the Hero Detail then select Level Up.

How to Level Up Heroes?

In the following screen, you have to select which units you want to use as fodder. Baby Ravi units are the most valuable fodder units since they give x5 EXP to the hero. Other fodders include the normal monsters that you can get from clearing Adventure maps. Other heroes may also appear in the list, especially if they’re not locked. Make sure to review units you’re sacrificing before confirming to avoid losing valuable units.

How to Level Up Heroes?

When you’re ready to level up the selected hero, pay the required amount of gold in the lower-left. The level cap for 4-star heroes below is LV30. For 5-star heroes above, the level cap is increased to LV40.

How to Level Up Heroes?

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