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What is Auto Battle?

What is Auto Battle?
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When performing battles in the game, you have the option to run it in Auto Mode. If you look at the upper right side of your interface, you'll see that there are 2 buttons worth checking. On the left hand side, you'll find a button that has a sword in it. This is the Auto Skill button, enabling your characters to use skills on their own. The other button beside that has the x2, speeds up animations, this is useful for clearing the run faster since they will all move quicker.

What is Auto Battle?

If auto mode is enabled, your characters will use their skills as soon as possible. This includes regular skills, and ultimate skills. Some skills, such as ones that can resurrect your troop members, will only activate if one of your troops died.

What is Auto Battle?

When should you use Auto mode?

If your current troop formation has a high power level, and if you're confident that the can clear out enemies with no problems, then use auto mode. The game has an option for you to auto repeat a stage before starting. This is useful if you're farming for gold, or if you're just leveling up some of your characters.

What is Auto Battle?

In the in-game options, you should find another option under graphics which speeds up Ultimate animations further. This is useful if you're playing on Auto since it will lessen the time for you to complete a run.

What is Auto Battle?

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