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How do you craft?

How do you craft?
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Crafting is a feature that lets you create different kinds of items depending if you have materials available. You can get materials through your daily bonuses, school rewards, and general loot from all of the game's modes.

You can craft the following items:





Potential Skill


Fragments, Chests, Stones (Others)

1, In order to craft an item, click on your desired choice under the list. For example, there are a couple of weapons available under that category. The list of materials will then be displayed on the right side.

How do you craft?

2. If you do not have the item that you need under the requirements, click "Collect" in order for you to know where to find that specific item.

How do you craft?

3. Once your list is complete, you can click Craft to confirm, and you'll be able to get the item you need. Different items require different materials, so make sure to check the list for locations of the items. Other materials that are needed may be crafted items as well.

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