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What is Hero Evolution?

What is Hero Evolution?
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Hero Evolution is promoting your hero to a higher star rank. This way, you can evolve a 3-star hero to 4 star, a 4-star hero to his/her 5-star version, etc. There are the requirements needed to perform a Hero Evolution:
* Hero should be at max level (LV30)
* Hero should have Enhancement +5
* Hero’s respective Elemental Core.

Elemental Cores can be acquired from the Core Dungeon, once a day. The available elemental cores will vary per day so it will be a good practice to visit the dungeon at least once a day to secure a core. The star rank of the core you’ll get will depend on the dungeon’s difficulty level. Normal difficulty yields 3-star Cores while Hell yields 4-star cores. The Super Core Dungeon follows the same mechanics. Normal difficulty yields x10 Super Core Fragment while Hell yields x20.

What is Hero Evolution?
What is Hero Evolution?

You can enter this instance for free once a day. This attempt is used regardless if you’re successful or your party gets wiped out. A Free Admission Ticket or 350 Rubies are needed to enter again after the daily free attempt has been used.

Once you have the core, you’ll just need to pay the required amount of gold to proceed with the Evolution.

After evolution the hero’s appearance will change by getting a somewhat better-looking, upgraded costume. The hero’s level and enhancement level will be reset. Their base stats and skill stats will be higher as well, compared to their low-star ranked version at the same level. Furthermore, they’ll have access to the Potential Skill Slot.

What is Hero Evolution?
What is Hero Evolution?
What is Hero Evolution?
What is Hero Evolution?

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