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What is the Reborn/Rebirth system?

What is the Reborn/Rebirth system?
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The Reborn or Rebirth system is another way for you to summon characters. You'll give up 2 of your characters and get a new one at random. You can access this feature by clicking the "Reborn" button on the lower right hand section of your character by scrolling down.

What is the Reborn/Rebirth system?

In order to start, you need a character that's level 30. The material character that you'll use should also be level 30, and they should have the same star ranking. Make sure any item they have equipped is removed because it will be gone after this process. Once you have confirmed the requirements, press the button on the lower left to start.

What is the Reborn/Rebirth system?

Once the process is complete, you'll get your new character. They'll be the same star rank as your previous ones, however the level will be reset back to 1. If you don't like the character that you've received, you can click "Try Again" on the lower left. This will however cost you some reborn tickets, which can be purchased on the shop.

What is the Reborn/Rebirth system?

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