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Twin Tower

Twin Tower
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Twin Tower is an instance that's unlocked once you complete adventure mode Chapter 1 (1-10). You'll be able to challenge two towers that have 10 floors each. Completing each floor will grant you with rewards.

There are two towers available, and you can swap them through the button on the right hand side. The Angel Tower provides easier challenges since it's aimed for players that have just begun, or are mid-way. The rewards per floor change, so make sure to check it through the icon on the right side of the floor.

Twin Tower

The harder one is the Dragon Tower, here you get reduced abilities for certain affinities as stated in the description. Also, the enemies here are harder and they're aimed at players who have strengthened their troops for a considerable amount.

Twin Tower

Both towers can be done each day, and you'll start back from floor 1 once the daily reset has occurred. This is a useful instance for getting summon tickets, magic stones, and more.
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