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How do I enhance equipment?

How do I enhance equipment?
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One of the methods for you to increase your troop's power level is by enhancing your equipment. This lets you increase the stats of your current item and it will strengthen your character overall. Here are the steps for enhancement:

1. You can enhance items through the Hero page, or the Bag. You just need to click any equipment to bring up the item information, then click "Enhance".
How do I enhance equipment?

2. The Enhance interface will appear. In order to enhance the item you've chosen, you need to combine it with other equipment in your inventory. There's a yellow bar on the lower left side that shows the max possible enhancement possible. Once you're done choosing your items, click "Start".
How do I enhance equipment?

3. The results screen will appear, this will show you the increase in stats that you gain for enhancing your equipment. As your character level increases, your equipment can be enhanced further so make sure to check it from time to time.
How do I enhance equipment?

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