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How to Get New Heroes?

How to Get New Heroes?
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To build your party and make it more versatile, you’ll have to summon new heroes. There are several methods of summoning heroes. In this page, we will discuss the various options on how to get new heroes.

Summon Shop

The summon shop can be accessed from the main screen. From there, you’ll have different tabs to choose from. Each tab has its own pool of heroes and their corresponding acquisition rates. Some of the tabs are limited only for a certain period but some of them like Exclusive and Normal Summon tabs are permanent.

How to Get New Heroes? How to Get New Heroes?

To see the rates or your chances of getting particular hero, equipment, or gem, tap the banner to display the “Chance” window as shown below. For example, in the Ultimate Summon banner, for every summon attempt, you’ll have a 54.55% chance of getting a hero, 27.27% chance to get an equipment, and 18.18% to get a Devil’s Gem. Each item from each category has its own chance rate. So let’s say you managed to pull a hero, there’s a 0.1724% chance that you’ll get the listed heroes below.

How to Get New Heroes?

Event tabs usually feature increased rates for featured characters. In the example below, the limited event has a boosted rate for Nikita, Siz, and Vamp, at 0.2452% compared to the default 0.164% chance to get the other characters in the same pool.

How to Get New Heroes?

Hero summons have different costs. Ultimate Summon costs 4,000 Rubies for a 11-card pull. If you also have a card pack, you can open it from this menu. For Normal Summon, you have a free pull daily. This free chance has a timer. Once the timer is over, you can summon for free again.

How to Get New Heroes?

Adventure Rewards

You have the chance to obtain generic heroes or units when clearing dungeon maps. They’re added to you as loot at the end of the battle. Usually, these low-ranked units are used as fodder to your main, high-star units.

How to Get New Heroes?

Before you select a map, you’ll see a preview of the units that you can possibly get as rewards. However, this is only applicable when repeating the stages again since first-time completion of stages will always give you a few rubies.

How to Get New Heroes?

Miscellaneous Rewards

You can get free Hero Summon tickets for completing tasks listed in the School menu, clearing Dragon’s Tower floors, and other missions.

How to Get New Heroes?
How to Get New Heroes?

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