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Dice Game

Dice Game
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Under the Event Button on the upper right hand side of the screen, there are rotational events that may be ongoing for a specific period. One of these events are the Dice Game, and they provide you with various rewards.

In order to play, you get to have a certain amount of tries to roll the dice. All rewards that you roll in will be sent to your mail. You can get Gold Bars which are useful for selling, Summon Tickets, Craft Stones, Magic Stones, etc.

Dice Game

The dice will roll clockwise, a special reward is on the start tile so click the "Complete Reward" magnifying glass in the middle to know what you can get. Once your rolls are depleted, you will have to wait for them to replenish. Check the "Event" button next time to see if this mini-game is ongoing or not since it's not available all the time.

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