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What is Advanced Strategy Mode?

What is Advanced Strategy Mode?
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If your troop member's power is barely enough to defeat your enemy, then you'll want to use the Advanced Strategy mode. On the lower left side of the interface, you should see a controller button to activate it.

What is Advanced Strategy Mode?

During this mode, you'll pause the battle and you can issue commands to each of your characters. You'll be asked to select a hero of your choice to issue a command. During this mode, it's best for you to pause the Auto Skill button, as well as the x2 button so you'll have more control of the fight.

What is Advanced Strategy Mode?

When you click a character, you can instruct them to move, use a normal attack, or any of their usable skills. You should be able to see as well if any of their skills are on cooldown. Clicking Moving Standby will make them stay in their position, this is useful if you want them to avoid certain attacks that are ongoing, such as area of effect skills.

What is Advanced Strategy Mode?

Use the movement button to assign your troop member's position. This is shown using a yellow circle as well as a yellow dotted line on the floor. This is useful for placing tanks in the line of fire, moving them away so they can be healed, etc.

You can also move any of your troops away from Area of Effect skills that deal damage over time. This is useful for keeping your troops alive, and you can position yourself properly in order to heal. Once you are done with the commands, press the controller button again.

What is Advanced Strategy Mode?

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