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What is a Formation?

What is a Formation?
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This is your party’s formation in battle which is divided into two lines: Front and Rear. The units in the front row will have boosts to their HP, DEF, and RES while units at the back gets ATT and MAG boosts.

What is a Formation?

There are four formations to choose from: Basic, Balanced, Advance, and Guard. Each formation will have varying amount of stat boosts to the Front and Rear, and will depend heavily on your party’s composition.

What is a Formation?

You can have up to three party compositions. To modify the formation for each, access your Hero screen and tap Formation in the lower-left corner as shown below. By default, you’ll start off with the standard formation. Select the new formation you want then confirm.

What is a Formation?

You can also enhance Formations using gold to further improve their stat boosts. The amount of gold required to enhance a formation or level it up increases per level up. The max level for a single formation is LV80, costing around 7,843,000 gold. For starters, it’s recommended to stick to one or two formations and level them up as necessary. Basic and Balanced are good options for most party compositions and missions.

What is a Formation?

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