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What is item grinding?

What is item grinding?
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Throughout the course of the game, you'll be gathering different kinds of loot along the way. At times, your inventory will be filled with duplicate items that will fill up your space.

Grinding is a way for you to make use of your extra items. This provides you with materials that you can use for crafting equipment chests.

How do I grind items?

1. Open your bag and click on the grind button on the lower right. You'll then have the capability to choose multiple items in your inventory. Try to choose items that aren't rare, or if you have multiple items.
What is item grinding?

2. Once you have confirmed your chosen items, click grind. You will then receive materials based on the items you've chosen, and you'll get a certain amount. Metal fragments can be found in the "Others" category of your bag, so check out which ones you have.
What is item grinding?

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