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What is item enchanting?

What is item enchanting?
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Item enchantment is a feature that lets you get random stat buffs for your specified equipment. Unlike Enhancement, this doesn't use spare equipment that you have but instead it will use Magic Stones.

Magic Stones can be acquired in the Battle feature of the game. You can clear the Twin Towers section each day in order to accumulate Magic Stones.Enchantment can only be done on items that are Rare and above.

What is item enchanting?

To enchant an item, click any equipment of your choice and click "Enchant". Once you enchanting interface appears, you'll find the amount of Magic Stones that you'll need, as well as how much gold. Once you have confirmed the items that you'll use, continue with the enchant button. You'll then be able to view the enchantment bonuses after.

What is item enchanting?

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