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Coin Dozer

Coin Dozer
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The Coin Dozer is a rotational event that lets you drop some coins on the machine so you can push the contents to drop off. Here you can get chests, rubies, and gold as rewards a seen on the upper right side of the screen.

Coin Dozer

On the lower right hand corner, you'll see the amount of coins you can drop. Once you get enough green coins, you'll be able to get a gold coin that's used for getting a star. This is used for the roulette, which you can access on the lower left side of the interface.

Coin Dozer

If you have enough stars, you can roll the roulette. This is where you get your chests, gold bars, and rubies. Once they've aligned, the item will drop in the coin dozer so you have to push them off.

Coin Dozer

Once you're out of coins, exiting this event will reset any rewards that have dropped back to 0. So make sure that when you play this rotational event, make the most out of your coins.

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