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The Raid Mode is unlocked once you have finished Chapter 1 (4-10) in Adventure mode. Completing your Raid instances or participating in them provides you with Scales. Scales are a type of currency that you can use in the Shop,and they're used under the "Exchange" tab. Here you get to fight bosses and earn points based on the damage that you've dealt.


On the Main page, you should be able to see which Raid Bosses are available on the right hand side. Their HP bar is shown below them through a percentage. Each day, you get 5 free tries for Raid. Their difficulties range from Easy, Basic, and Epic. At times, there are also Event Raids as well.


If you check the reward guide, you can see that Event Raids provide Myth Metal Fragments. Your rank is determined by how much points you gain depending on the damage you've inflicted. Your points should be shown each time you finish a raid instance.


If you are not able to take down a Raid Boss, you still get rewards for participation so make sure to check the reward guide. Scales are awarded for every try you have, even if you finish the Raid Boss or not. It's possible that you can defeat a Raid Boss within the 5 tries that you get, so make sure each attempt counts.

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