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The Arena feature is unlocked once you have completed Chapter 1 (2-10) in Adventure mode. In this mode, you get to challenge other player's troop formations and earn points based on your winning streak.

In this mode, you can only use Auto Attacks so it's important to think about your Troop Formation, as well as Team Composition. If you are a beginner, you get to fight bots first, then you get to challenge other players as well.

On the left hand side of the Arena page, you'll be able to view the Tier Rank board, Top Rank, Your Record, as well as the Hall of Fame. You're able to visit other player's troop information as well. On the right hand side, you get to see your current rank, as well as battle information.


Clicking the Reward Information button will show you the Season Reward chart. On the first tab, you'll see the Rank rewards. Rubies and Trophies are awarded based on the top 10 ranks, as well as the remaining percentages.


The Tier tab then shows how much Rubies you get depending on your Tier placement. Tiers reset every season so you have to make your ranking in order to get your reward. Certain Tiers can have multiple people in it depending on the tier type.


The First Tier tab then shows how much Rubies you get if you placed top on that specific tier. There are 6 types of Tiers that can attain this and you should be able to view it on the next tab.


The final tab shows the tier table, and the 6 corresponding tiers. In order to reach the required tier, you need to get specific points as stated below. Your points increase for each succeeding win that you have, so improving your current troop is the key to achieving higher tiers.


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