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What is the shop?

What is the shop?
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The shop can be accessed on the main menu screen, just beside the summon shop. Here, you can purchase items through the different currencies available such as real cash, rubies, diamonds, scales, and trophies. Different tabs are available, and they use a specified currency available:


Quartz are currency items that you use in order to do adventure runs. Here in the shop, you can exchange your rubies for Quartz. This is useful if you run out of available quartz for your dungeon runs.
What is the shop?


The exchange provides you with a variety of items for purchase using the rewards you have collected in the Battle mode. You can exchange Scales from Raid, and Trophies from Arena.
What is the shop?


The diamond tab is a shop that lets you purchase items that will help progress your character. You can get Super Cores, Soul Stones, A Troop for grinding, Materials for Special Reborn, and Crafting.
Diamonds are bonus currency whenever you purchase Rubies with cash.
What is the shop?


Packages are limited bundles that are sold for your account. They are items that are discounted compared to buying each item individually through rubies.

Different packages are available ranging from equipment, craft stones, items for summoning, rubies, and even skill stones. You can purchase these items with cash, and some are limited.
What is the shop?


The special tab contains items that you can purchase with cash and rubies, they range from summon tickets, random items, periodic weapon unlocks, inventory slots, formation enhancement tickets, and more.
What is the shop?


The Ruby tab lets you purchase Rubies with cash, Higher amounts provide more rubies and they have Diamond bonuses as well. Rubies and Diamonds are used for the shop, as well as the summon shop.
What is the shop?


The costume tab provides limited items for specific characters. If you have enough rubies or diamonds, you can purchase costumes for the character that’s available on the shop. Costumes will overwrite the default look of your character.
What is the shop?

Special Sale

The special sales tab provides more bundles that are limited, they may change eventually as well. You can get summon tickets, magic stone packs, and gold bars with rubies.
What is the shop?

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