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Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire

How many times do you have to spend money on vip shop besides the 10,000..

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How many times do you have to spend money on vip shop besides the 10,000 badges?

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Lord Yaseen Answered:

After you open the Vip shop, you need to level up to level 2 to start getting Super tickets every days.
Every super tickets cost 50k vip points which cost 12.5k gems, to reach level 2 in Vip shop you need 25m experience points.

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WPx3 6 Answered:

You never HAVE to spend money after unlocking. If you manage hourly and finish zone com you should get 30k + gem day no issue. You only spend to unlock new features in VIP store on monday for hourly gold chest(efficiency). Buying orange tickets is a waste of vip pts for casual player. This is a cash game,period. YOU WILL NOT being strongest player in a active state . Period. I migrated end s2,state to earlier state by few number then my starting. Current top user (who became top after original top quit due to rl issue) admit to spending over 2g's on courage medal alone per month,let alone other packages. Now I say all that just to explain ,orange tickets as free player arent worth it... Which I assume poster and most reader will be. You goal is to unlock vip function/benefits ,which is weekly/monthly goal. You can unlock vip 2 ,without buying ticket and simply unlock features in vip 1, only till you unlock VIP 3 and try unlock vip 4. Will you run out of benefits to unlock and need buy orange tickets/equipment chest to get exp for VIP 4 unlock.

Vip 2 unlocked before you unlock everything in vip 1,same for vip 3, you still have things you can buy to get better exp:vip pt ratio. Best day if you must buy tickets is Thursday ,be 10 ticket avaible for 40k each instead of 50k. Money will only speed up unlock. Weekly deal every monday for 310k vip pts for 9.99 USD , can do it 3x. Any other deal I highly advise aganist, if you are in this game for long haul and are daily player and try your best,no reason why you wont unlock all "useful function" quickly. Hell even stuff I didnt want I unlock within 4month of unlock vip store myself (vip 1-3 grind out item for vip 4).

I might went on bit more ,but feel answer above will only hurt casual player development and is encouraging people to be wasteful. Several videos on youtube explain VIP store and how you can unlock features free/ lil to no cost as stated above.

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