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How to make a farm account

How to make a farm account
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As with most base development games there is a lot of grinding involved to earn the resources needed to keep the upgrade progress going. And the higher your level s the more resources you are going to need. Once method often employed to do this is to create extra accounts in the game to use to generate resources. These farm accounts can then be attacked to quickly gain the resources they have produced. This is our guide to creating farms.

Farm Account Guide

Puzzles & Survival unfortunately does not make it easy to set up farm accounts. While you can set up and run multiple accounts on your device to switch between them, the game only allows you to create 1 account in any single state on your device.

To make a farm account useful it will need to be in the same state as your main account so that you can attack it. This means that to make a farm account you will need a second device running the game. This can be any device that can run the app on it.

New Game
On the second device when you start a new game you may get the option to choose the state that you start in. If so simply choose the state number of your main account. If your account is created for you in the most recently opened state then follow the steps below to move it to the desired state.

Moving State - Immigration
If your new game account is not in the right state then you have a window of opportunity to move it. This must be done with the first 7 days of playing and before you upgrade to HQ level 6.

Before you can change state though you need to complete the initial tutorial phase of the game. In fact you must complete all of Chapter 2. Once you start Chapter 3 you can access the World map.

In the world map tap on the Co-ordinates (with the magnifying glass) at the top of the screen. Then chance the state number (S) to the one that you want to go to.
How to make a farm account

In the new state find some empty land and tap on it then choose the 'Immigrate' option. This will use one of the Starter Relocate items that you have available. You will have 2 of these but they will expire once you reach 7 days or HQ level 6. Your base will then be relocated to the state that you want.
How to make a farm account

To help keep your farms close and protected the recommended plan is for your main alliance to have a farm alliance. All of you main alliance members (i they have farms) should join their farm accounts to the farm alliance. Keep the farm alliance territory close by so your farms can locate close to you. If your alliance doesn't have this yet then talk to the leaders about setting one up.

Using the Farm
To make best use of your farm you will want it to be able to produce resources quickly and be able to gather resources. Concentrate on the resource buildings and any research and skills that improve production and gathering.

For gathering, the vehicles will give you more capacity so concentrate training on these to have enough to send out. Unlock the second and third March queues for more gathering options. When you are ready to raid the farm. make sure that your troops are out gathering to reduce losses.

We hope this helps with your enjoyment of Puzzles & Survival. If you have an questions please head to the Answers Page.

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