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Dream Chasing Holiday Event

Dream Chasing Holiday Event
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Dream Chasing is a new 'Holiday Event'. This is not a regular event but may return again at some point in the future. The event runs for 3 days during which time you can complete the objectives to earn rewards.

It is also an Alliance based event where the rewards you can gain are primarily down to the total performance of your alliance. The better you all do together the more you can all benefit.

Dream Chasing Balloon
Dream Chasing Balloon


You alliance leaders can place a hot air balloon decoration on the world map in your alliance territory. The aim of the event is to decorate it and increase its level. In order to decorate it you need to collect Paint Cans from various sources in the game.

Paint Cans

You can get paint cans from completing daily quests and opening the reward boxes. You can also claim them from the following:

Zombie Lairs - 3

Campaign Puzzles - 1

Arena battles - 1

You can also buy packages in the mall shop with more paint cans.


Leveling up the Balloon will open up a set list of rewards for you to collect individually. These can be found in the event screen by taping the blue reward box with your current level on it. You can also spend money to unlock extra tiers of rewards in the event. You will also earn 100 alliance coins for every paint can you send to decorate the balloon.

As well as this the Balloon will give all alliance members a boost to the gathering speed. This will remain active as long as the balloon remains. Raising the level of the balloon during the 3 day event will increase the gathering speed bonus and also add extra time onto the life of the balloon which can let it remain for you for up to 2 weeks.

Tip: The best return for paint cans is from running Zombie lairs. You will get 3 cans for every lair completed. If you run lairs of level 7 (or below) you will use the least amount of Stamina each time. This means you can run more lairs per day.

If you have any questions about this or other events please head to the Answers Page to ask there.

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