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The events menu in Puzzles & Survival is an important source of new options for gaining rewards in the game. You should check it each day to see what events are active and what activities you can do to participate in them. The 'Upcoming' tab section will also give you a heads up of what will happen soon.

There are several types of Events that you can find, some you can progress on your own while others will involve your alliance. Below if an introduction to the types of events.

As well as checking to see what you need to do, remember to also return and collect any rewards earned before the event expires.

Ace Commander
Ace Commander is a week long Event which rewards you for different activities each day. The more of that activity you can complete on each day the more points you earn and the more rewards you will gain.
Check out the Ace Commander page for the list of daily events.

Lucky Draw / Doomfest - Divination
To start this event you first need to pick a range of potential rewards from the list available, usually 9 or 12. You are limited to what you can pick from various tiers. Once you pick them your choices will be randomly shuffles and then you are able to pick one at random.
To make each pick and collect a random reward you will need to earn coins. Tap on the Obtain button to get these. You can get some for free each day by completing the daily quests. But to get more you will need to purchase diamonds from the Mall.

Lucky Spinner Events - eg Joy 777
In these events you can use a slot machine style spinner to earn random rewards based on luck. You will need special coins for these that you earn by completing daily quests or by purchasing.

Game progression events - eg Chip Upgrade
These events will get you rewards for progressing in specific areas of the game. Hero upgrades, chips / gear upgrades, Building upgrades etc. You will need to check what is required each day to make sure you can concentrate on that area.
This also includes Diamond Expert which rewards you for using diamonds
Chip Upgrade - Earn of buy chip items and materials
Break Loose - Improve Might
Cube Upgrade - Earn or buy Cube items or materials

Diamond Exchange Shop
This event is just a temporary shop, with the opportuninty to exchange diamonds for useful items such as hero choice cards and enhance or promote materials.

Diamond Expert
For this event ear rewards by spending diamonds. If the Diamond Exchange Shop event is also active then you can spend them there, or you can spend then in any other normal way.

New Development
Gain points for using speedups for Building upgrades, Research or Training troops. You can also gain points for getting Mark of Glory items.

Gather Supplies
Simply gather as much as you can during the day for this event. This includes the 4 world map resources and also Rare Earth.

Hero Upgrade
You need to gain hero frags to get points and earn rewards in this event. If you have saved Recruit coins for Noah's Tavern or Hero Choice cards then you can use them to complete the phases.

Army Expansion
Train troops in the 4 training camps. More points are scored for higher tier troops. Promoting troops earns the difference in points between the two tiers.

EVA & Module
Gain points for getting EVA Economy or Military points (no Intelligence points). Also get points for gaining Module material (Enhance materials or promoters).

Personal Activity
This event ads rewards for reaching points goals in the daily quests. If you normally complete most of the daily quests then this is a good source of extra rewards. You will probably need to buy a box though to get all of the phases.

Trials of Survival
This is an occasional 7 day event where you will gain rewards for completing normal game activities such as donations, gathering etc. In the Event screen check the Quest tab to see what you need to do and your progress. There will be standard rewards and the option to unlock extra rewards with a purchase.

Strike First
Solo / Alliance
Attacking zombies and using your stamina will gain points for the alliance progression, earn individual rewards as well depending on your rank.

Challenge Events - eg Special Operations
Challenge events will give you a limited number of chances to make a puzzle attack using specific restrictions. The type of heroes you can deploy in the attacks is limited. After your attack attempts you will be rewarded for the maximum amount of damage you manage to do. Increase the levels of the allowable heroes to improve your rewards.

Defense of Alliance Event
The defense of alliance event will be active for a day but will require one of the leaders of your alliance to activate it. It is best for them to do this when as many alliance members are online as possible.

Once activated the events will last for 30 minutes, during this time waves of specific zombie enemies will appear on the world map close your alliance territory.

You can find these zombies marked with yellow circles but the easier way is to tap the bar at the top that will show their co-ordinate locations. Tap these to go to them immediately. Your alliance members will need to attack and clear each wave, including a boss enemy for each. Each wave will increase in difficulty.

To make it fair for all, the march time to zombies will be 30 seconds each way for everyone.

Once the event time runs out you can return to the event screen to collect reward boxes for each of the waves that your alliance manged to clear. To get more rewards have more alliance members active and increased their strength.

Wasteland War / Zenith War
Zenith wars will begin on your state after a few weeks. The war will run every 2 weeks and will determine who will govern the state.
All players can send troops to occupy or attack the Zenith Tech hub in the center of the state map. You can also occupy the Turrets around the Hub which will then fire on the forces occupying the hub if they are not your own alliance. When one alliance occupies the Hub for 8 hours they will win.
When the event Becomes the Wasteland War you will also be able to attack the Zenith Hubs in 2 other states (and players from those states can attack in your state).

Attack on Destroyer
A single large zombie enemy will appear on the map for all to attack. The event runs for 24 hours, and each commander can send 5 attacks to it during the day. They will be awarded for the damage you do in each attack. The stronger your army the more points you can earn. You march speed to the tyrant enemy will be 10x normal.

The Nukaland event is a PvP gathering event where you earn points from gathering and occupying mines in a separate map. You can fight for control of high level mines to earn more points.
Check the Nukaland page for more hints and tips.

Dead Rising
While the event for Dead rising is open the alliance leaders can start it at any time. Once activated many waves of zombies will directly attack your sanctuary. You cannot stop them with shields, however you will not lose many troops as most will be automatically healed.
The goal is to survive as many waves as possible so the stronger your troops and defenses the better. If you fail 2 attacks in a row your own attacks will end, you can choose to send troops to reinforce other in your alliance though to get extra points.

Alliance Clash (previously Reservoir War)
This is an alliance event that is restricted to higher level players. To join you must be at HQ level 18 or above and your alliance must have at least 10 players at this level. It occurs over 3 days but only on the third day will you compete. Check the Alliance Clash event page for more details.

Alliance Showdown
This is a 7 day event during which time all members of the alliance have the opportunity to select and complete quests. Check the Alliance Showdown Page for help with this event.

Alliance Trial
Solo / Alliance
This event is similar to the special operations events in that you will complete puzzle fights against zombie boss enemies where you need to do as much damage as possible. Check the Alliance Trial page for more help.

Valiant Conquest
State / Solo
This is a PvP event where you are able to travel to 2 other states for up to 4 hours during the 24 hour event. While there you can Attack enemy sanctuaries or gather diamond mine resources. You will gain points for yourself and your state. You can also gather from the diamond mines in your own state and attack invaders.

Speaker Trap
Your alliance will need to build a new building called the Speaker Trap. Find the Event in the Upcoming events list, Alliance leaders can activate it every 3 days. All members that have been in the alliance for 72 hours can start or join rallies against the building to score points.
See the Speaker Trap Guide for more info. and hints.

You will also find from time to time special holiday themed events at special dates in the year.

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