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How to use Chips

How to use Chips
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Chips are an additional feature for your gear items. The Chip management section is found in your Commander Info screen. Tap the profile picture to open this. You can use chips once your Gear Factory reaches Lv.8.

You can insert 4 types of chips into a total of 6 slots on your equipment. The types are

Upgrade Your Chips
The stats and bonus provided by the chips can be upgraded. Once you have chips allocated you can use chip materials to enhance your chips for better stat bonuses. Also you and use Chip Promoter items to increase your chips' star level, which in turn unlocks more stat bonuses.
As you progress further you can also use refinement items to increase your chips' overall refinement level, which unlocks more stat bonuses.

How to Get Chip Materials

Troop Chip - Arena: Fight your way through Hero Duel·Survival and reach top 500 to enter Hero Duel·Glory where you can challenge opponents to get special medals that can be exchanged for rare Troop Chips and other chip materials.
Campaign: You can also get chip materials from Ultimate Challenge in Campaign.
Ruins Shop: Clear as many Ruins floors as possible to redeem a variety of items including chip materials and chip promoters (with a daily limit) in Ruins Shop.
Mall: The Mall shop will also have packages and offer to buy with chip related items

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