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Valiant Conquest
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Valiant Conquest is a cross state PvP event in Puzzles & Survival that occurs every 2 weeks between the Wasteland War events. It takes place between 3 matched states.

During the 24 hour event you are able to use direct or random relocates to move to one of the enemy states. Wen there you can attack enemy sanctuaries to earn points. You can also earn points by gathering in the enemy state. (you cannot earn points when gathering at home)

There will also be special diamond mines that will appear during the event to gather from. You can gather up to 8000 diamonds.

If you fight during the event you will lose troops. Troops that are wounded will be sent to the state infirmary. When the event ends you will get there troops back for free. Some troops can be killed though and you do not get these back.

During the event you can earn personal rewards for your points gained and the top performing state will also earn additional rewards.

Valiant Conquest Hints and Tips

If you are not going to attack other players during the event then you should use (buy if you need to ) a 24 hour shield to keep yourself safe.

If you are going to move to another state to attack remember that you can only be 'abroad' for a maximum of 4 hours. Pick your time carefully and remember to shield before and after. You can move between your own state and the other states during the event as long as your total away time does not exceed 4 hours.

You can use shield items to protect yourself while in the enemy state but if you make an attack or scout another player then you will enter a War Frenzy state which means that you will not be able to apply a shield for up to 15 minutes depending on your sanctuary level.

Make sure you have a number of relocate items (random ones will do) to let you escape quickly from any attacks. Random relocates will quickly move you to a new location in the map.

If you want to gain points but without any risk to your sanctuary you can relocate to the enemy state with a shield on and just gather. This will not let you gain the entire event rewards but you can earn some of them. Use a gather speed up to increase the points you can score. You troops can still be attacked while gathering so only send what you need to and stay away from populated areas.

While you are at home you can help by spotting any invading players from the other states and posting the coordinates in the state chat. This will let any home player find and attack them to either kill off their troops or move away.

If you have any further questions about this event or the game please head to the Answers Page to ask there.

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