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Gear Guide
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The Gear feature is the first item in the Commander Info screen. Tap your profile image in the top left to view this. Gear is unlocked after your Gear Factory reaches Lv.8 and the Campaign Chapter 8 is cleared.

There are three types of gear to make and equip:
Builder Set: This reduces the resource costs for building upgrades.
Tech Set: This reduces the resource costs for tech upgrades.
War Set: This will give you ATK / DEF / HP bonuses to your troops.

You will also be able to upgrade your gear to improve its bonuses.
Enhance: Consume gear materials to enhance your gear for better stat bonuses.
Promote: Gear Promoter is used to increase your gear's star level, which unlocks more stat bonuses.
Refine: Use refinement items to increase your gear's overall refinement level.

How to Get Gear Materials / Promoters

Events: Keep an eye on all events for gear related rewards.
Alliance Shop: Use your alliance points to exchange for 2★ Gear and gear materials.
Daily Quest: Gear materials and Gear Promoters are obtainable via Daily Quest.
PvE Attacks: Attack Monsters and Zombie Lair on the world map.
Campaign: You can also get gear materials from Ultimate Challenge in Campaign.
Mall: The Mall shop will also have packages and offer to buy with gear related items.

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