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Alliance Clash
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Alliance clash is an alliance event in Puzzles & Survival.. It is an updated version of the Reservoir War event and it is set to appear on alternate weeks with the Reservoir War. You can take part with other members of your alliance against other matched alliances. It is a short war over buildings and resources in a separate map area. You must have reached HQ Level 18 to take part.

The event will appear in your events list for 3 days. On the first day your alliance leaders can sign up to enter the event. To do this the alliance must have at least 10 players at level 18 or higher. They will also select a time slot for the war to happen. Time slots are shown in your local time.

On day 2 the matches will have been made and you will have the opportunity to see which alliances are fighting each other and Endorse up to 3 of them. This means to place bets on the winner of up to 3 Fights. You bet with gems and if you win you will receive a share of the gems bet on the losing side.

On Day 3 at your chosen time slot you and your alliance members will be able to relocate to the battlefield map. The map will appear as below with various buildings and Towers on it. You job is to send out marches to occupy these buildings. The more buildings you occupy the more points you will earn over time. You cannot occupy the HQ building in the center of the map.

Alliance Clash
Alliance Clash

As an alternative to the Reservoir War, which is a battle between 2 alliances, the new Alliance Clash event now runs between 3 alliances. This means there will be more opportunities for combat and strategy to try to control the structures. There are also 2 extra towers to take control of in this event and nuka ore deposits to collect from (or fight over).

After some time Water trucks will be sent out from the HQ, This will happen every 5 minutes after. Each truck will drive around the map and visit 3 or 4 of the structures. Each time it passes through a structure the alliance occupying it will receive a bonus amount of points.

At the end of the event there are rewards for the winning alliance and also for the losing side, There are also rewards for your own performance and your alliance overall performance.

Water Trucks in Reservoir War
Water Trucks in Reservoir War

Hints and Tips for Alliance Clash

Have as many marching queues unlocked as you can and be ready to send out marches to as many buildings as you can. This will help generate points. Strong players should be ready to attack of defend contested structures.

You can teleport during the event to move closer to buildings.

Water trucks give good rewards but their paths are random. Having more than half of the buildings does not guarantee that the trucks swill come to yours and you can still lose. They do move slowly though so when they head out you will have time to try to occupy the buildings they are set to visit.

Players can also attack each other during the event although there is a safe zone where you will initially locate to that you cannot be attacked in. If you are not there then be ready to teleport away if you come under attack from strong enemies.

Troops wounded in attacks on your base or the buildings will be sent to the state infirmary. You can heal these for no cost but you will need to use Speedups to get the back quickly. You can leave them there though and they will be returned for free at the end of the event.

Winning wars can get you promoted up to a higher tier. This will offer better rewards but you will face stronger opponents. If you find your opponents are too strong then you you may be better off not fighting and letting you alliance get demoted back to the lower tier.

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