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The Sonic Decoy event, which was previously called the Speaker Trap offers us another alliance based event in Puzzles & Survival. Along with the event comes an Alliance Building for your alliance leaders to place in the alliance settlement area.

Sonic Decoy Event
Sonic Decoy Event

The event is available immediately although it is found in the 'Upcoming' list of the event screen. To run it needs to be activated by an alliance leader/officer. Once active the event runs for 30 minutes.

All alliance members can then take part in starting or joining rallies against the Sonic Decoy building (against the destroyer / zombies that are stationed there). You will need to be a member of the alliance for at least 72 hours though to stop people from joining multiple alliances during a week to get extra rewards.

To start a rally, tap on the building and select Attack, it is the same as if you were rallying against a zombie lair.

After each time you run the event there is a (just less than) 3 day cool down before you can activate it again.

The event has levels of enemy. You will need to take on Level 1 the first time and can then progress to level 2 and so on. Each higher level has slightly better rewards but will take more damage from yourselves to complete.

At the end of the event you will receive 2 types of rewards. A reward for your alliance killing the main Destroyer enemy (if you compete this) plus additional rewards based on the amount of damage you do personally.

Hints and Tips for Sonic Decoy

There is no limit to the number of rallies that you can join and no stamina cost for doing so, there is only a time limit. Make sure to have as many alliance members on as possible when you run the event.

Each member can start a rally and join as many others as possible, It will help if every member can send all of their available troops out in one or more rallies to cause the maximum damage. You do not take any damage (lose any troops) so there is no down side to sending everything even low level troops.

Act fast to set up rallies, the shortest rally time is still 5 minutes and this makes it hard to get many sent in the short time available, set one up and join others. If there is no room to join others then set up another one. You want to have all of your available marches and troops rallying all of the time.

We hope these tips help. If you have found any useful hints for maximizing the damage in this event please let us know below. If you have any questions please head to the Answers Page.

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