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How to manage your production buildings

How to manage your production buildings
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Puzzles & Survival, like all base development games runs on a number of resources that you will need to progress different areas of your game and move forward to become a stronger player.

As you progress you will be able to build and upgrade specific production buildings of the following types

Farm => Food

Lumber Mill => Wood

Steel Plant => Steel

Gas Field => Gas (fuel)

Virology Lab => Antiserum

You will also build

Infirmaries - Hospitals to house and heal your wounded troops

Boot Camps - These will increase the number or troops you can train in the 4 troops camps as well as improve the speed of training.

How to manage your production buildings

How many buildings can you place

You will be able to build several of each type of building and all of these are important, but the game has a twist for you in that you will not have enough space available to build all of the buildings that are open to you. You will need to manage your production buildings depending on what your needs are.

As you upgrade you will unlock places for buildings up to a total of 35

You will also unlock the ability to place the following:

Farm 8
Lumber Mill 8
Virology Lab 5
Steel Plant 8
Gas Field 8
Bootcamp 10
Infirmary 10

You may find that you are not producing enough resources, or that you need more antiserum for your heroes, or you need to increase your training count to quickly get more troops trained.

The game does allow you to change your assortment of production buildings at any time although there is a cost involved.

How to change buildings

If you decide to change a building for a different one then you will need to destroy the old one first. Tap on the building to get the status screen for it and then tap the small Hammer icon in the top left.

How to manage your production buildings

This will show you the options for removing it. You ca spend diamonds to remove it immediately or you can wait to your build queue to demolish it for you. This will take time depending on the level of the building. To use this second option you will also need to have a free build queue.

How to manage your production buildings

Once the building is removed you can then add in any of the other buildings that you need.

Recommended Buildings

Some buildings are recommended to have at all times and some are less needed, although the set up you have will depend on what you want to concentrate on. More resources means faster development potential, while mote boot camps meed more troops quickly to give you a strong army. You may want to develop until you reach around HQ level 16 then switch focus to training. Making sure you can also upgrade your heroes though is a good plan.

Infirmaries must be considered as important, as without suitable hospital space you will lose troops when you fight. Healing wounded troops is much cheaper for you than training new ones. However in the early stages when you do not have large number of troops, 1 or 2 infirmaries will be sufficient as long as you keep them upgraded.

Keep an eye on your max wounded capacity by tapping on an infirmary building and try to ensure that this is as close to your current total troop numbers a you can. As you get stronger try not to let this slip far behind.

BootCamp buildings are very useful to get you that large strong army, but as mentioned above your need for these can change over time. Swap these with resource buildings as needed.

Resources. In general you will want to have as many of these as you can for all of the 4 main resource types available and the Antiserum. As all of these items are also given to you in rewards though for various events and activities you can adjust your numbers depending on what you need. Your rewards income though can depend on how active you are in the game and also on your alliance. If your alliance is strong and active you will have plenty.

At the start of the game you will need a lot of food, but don't be tempted to build all of the farms immediately as you will soon find you receive a lot of food in rewards. After a short while you are more likely to be in need of wood. So make room for lumber mills. Eventually you will also need a lot of steel and gas and you may find you will want to swap for these.

We hope this guide to the resource production buildings was helpful. If you have further questions please go to the Answers Page to ask there.

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