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Fox's Test

Fox's Test
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Fox's Test is a recently added event in Puzzles & Survival that offers rewards for answering questions in a group based quiz.

Fox's Test
Fox's Test


The event happens every week on 3 days: Monday, Thursday and Saturday.

On each of these days the quiz will activate 3 times a day at the following in game times:

04:00 UTC, 12:00 UTC and 20:00 UTC

This should give you an opportunity to join at least one of the events during the day.

On the day of the event, if it is not currently active you can find it in the 'Upcoming' section of the Events screen. This will let you know when the next one starts for you.


The format for this event has recently been updated. The previous event ran 3 times a day at fixed times for you to join when you could. The new format has the event available all doy and you can start it individually whenever you are able to.

When you start the quiz will have 15 questions to answer with 3 possible answers to choose from. You have up to 30 seconds to answers each one. You can use an option to ask your alliance mates for help if you are stuck.


Each correct answer will earn you an instant reward such as resources, Nova points, promoter items and others. At the end you will also receive additional rewards depending on how many answers you got right. You only need to get 10 right to get all of these rewards. The top reward is a very useful amount of recruitment coins.

There is also a ranking system that scores you based on the number you get right and the total time you take. Completing the quiz quickly will give you a chance of earning rank rewards when the event ends.


The questions can be either from general knowledge or related to the game. Game questions include knowing the nature (colour) or specific heroes. Or timings of certain events. The general knowledge questions may be popular culture, history, world facts etc. There are a wide range but you will find many questions repeating so you can easily learn and do better each time.

Answer Fox's Test Questions
Answer Fox's Test Questions

If you have any problems answering the questions you can check for help in the Answers Page.

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