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Heroes are an important part of Puzzles and Survival, in the Match 3 part of the game, the heroes can execute a special power from time to time which can help a lot in destroying a boss or healing your team. The powers that the heroes have are based on their color allocation, so it's important that you have a good range of heroes, at least one per color. On the world field, their powers also dictate the strength and size of an army, and having at least one good hero is probably the most important things you can have in the game

Best Heroes in Puzzles and Survival

The best heroes are usually the legendary heroes, and the ones that you have to pay for. In games like this, the premium paid hero does change from time to time as the game evolves. With the game usually bringing out stronger heroes over time. So while we have our selection for the best heroes in Puzzles and Survival right now, this list will change as new heroes enter the game.



Scarlett is currently on offer in the shop as a Legendary Hero which is available to purchase. As a legendary hero of the red class she is incredibly strong with high attack, defense and hit points, she can also be leveled up to level 310. Scarlett's skills include:

Troop Skill
Tactical Skill - Deals damage of 500% Troop Attack
Free Speedup - Increase your Speedup by 55 minutes
Build Speed - Increases build speed by 56%
Troops Size - Increases the troops size by 20000

Hero Skill
Helix Impact - Deals 440% damage to the target
Neurotoxin - Deals Neurotoxin damage to the target for 6 rounds
Tactical Visor - Increases attack by 20% and defense by 20%
Voltaic Pulse - Reduces the target's rage regeneration rate by 24% for 6 rounds

As you can see from the above skills, Scarlett is extremely powerful both in buffing attacks and building speeds and also in applying debuffs to the enemy.

If you are willing to pay the money to unlock her in the game, then Scarlett will surely help you out in the game.



Atropos is another hero that you should try to unlock, at the moment she is currently only available via events. So you may have to wait a while to become strong enough in the game to obtain her, and patient enough to wait for the event when you can win her character or shards.

Troop Skill
Tactical Skill - Deals damage of 500% Troop Attack
Raid HP - Increase your Troop HP by 135% in Sanctuary Battle
Raid DEF - Increase your Troop DEF by 135% in Sanctuary Battle
Raid ATK - Increase your Troop ATK by 135% in Sanctuary Battle

Hero Skill
Hyper Beam - Deals 360% damage to the target
Corrupted Beam - Enhanced Active Skill: Dispels the target's buffs. Reduces the target's Rage by 40%
Decay - Enhanced Active Skill: Reduces all foes' Heal Rate Received by 50% for 4 rounds (unable to dispel)
Energy Conversion - Enhanced Active Skill: Converts 70% damage dealt into HP restoration.

Atropos is incredible in Sanctuary battles, so gaining this hero will help a lot to get the best rewards for this part of the game.


Best Heroes

A good healer can be invaluable to your campaign missions as well as combat in general and Fox is one of the best. You can also look to unlock Eve instead as a really good 5 star healer with the benefit of being able to get frags for her in the Ruins Shop 1st Victory Item. But we think that Fox is possibly the better hero with the ability to remove debuffs from your team.

Troop Skill
Tactical - Deals damage of 500% Troop ATK
Rider HP + 250%
Rider DEF +250%
Rider ATK + 250%

Hero Skill
Anti-Zombie Rifle - Restores 44% of all allies HP
Anaesthesia - Increases allies DEF by 64% for 5 rounds
Nano Boost - Dispels all allies debuffs
Biotic grenade - Upon death has the chance to stun the target for 2 rounds

If you have any question about other heroes please head to the Answers Page to ask there.

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