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Bioenhancer Guide

Bioenhancer Guide
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There is a new addition to the game called Bioenhancers. These a new items that you can research and equip similar to Nanoweapons, gears etc to give you further boosts to your troops stats.

The Bioenhacer functions can be found by tapping on the NOVA Research Lab. There is the Bioenhacer option where you can equip your owned items and also upgrade or promote them. And also the Bioenhancer Research option where you will be able to produce the items needed.

As well as the research there is a new game mode found in the Campaign area next to the Ultimate trial, this is the Prison Trial. Completing this will let you earn shards and other items for making or upgrading the bioenhancers.

In the Bioenhancer area of NOVA you can equip up to 8 of the new bio enhancer items. You will need to have reached NOVA level 50 to equip them all.

Bioenhancer Guide

In the same way as NanoWeapons each item is available in different qualities.
Apex - Red
Super - Gold
Advanced - Purple
Intermediate - Blue
Basic - Green

Gaining a bioenhancer is done by acquiring Bioenhancer Shards for it through the Prison trial and Bioenhancer research.
Upgrading is done with Organ Stimulant, or any Bioenhancer shards also found from the Prison Trial and Research.
Promotion requires specific Bioenhancer shards.

Bioenhancer Guide

You can of course purchase these items in the Mall.

There is also a new Bioenhancer challenge added to the Ruins challenges on Saturday. Raise your level by improving your bioenhancers.

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