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Nukaland is an event in Puzzles & Survival that you can do on your own to earn rewards. The event is done solo although there is a chance that some alliance members will be with you.

You will need to have reached HQ level 15 to sign up for the event.
When the event opens you have 1 day to sign up and select a time slot to take part. Each time slot last for 1 hour and you can only pick one. Pick a time when you can spare an hour for the game.
There are 5 levels and you will be split into a relevant level based on your HQ level.
Levels: 15-19
Levels: 20-24
Levels: 25-29
Levels: 30-34
Levels: 35-40

How to play
The event itself involves gathering in a separate map. The map is very like your normal one but only contains Nuka ore mines to gather from and occasional additional items. The mines will be arranges with the higher level ones nearer the center of the map. Higher level mines will let you gather more ore at a faster rate. In the center is the level 5 mine with the best returns but with the most competition.

Points are earned for gathering nuka ore. 1 points for event 1 ore. You then earn the rewards based on how many points you earn during the hour.


Each mine will let you gather a fixes amount of resources with a bonus if you remain until it is empty. You can also attack and take mines that others are gathering from.

Once your time slot activates you can relocate to the new zone and you will be placed randomly. You can then also relocate during the event to other areas for free. (up to 3 times)

In the central wasteland area there will also be Nuka ore boxes that appear from time to time. You need to occupy and hold these for 3 minutes to gain a large amount of nuka ore in one go. There will be competition for these.


Finally there will also be occasional special items appearing for attacking and defending they you can try to collect. Mammoth Shields and Blast Grenades. Gaining these will let you steal mines from others or stop them from stealing from you.

It is possible for players to attack each other sanctuaries while in Nukaland.

Hints and Tips for Nukaland
Get and use a Gathering speed up to make sure you can gather as fast as possible. Also the more troop marches you have available to send out the faster you can gather.

As you can be attacked during this event try to make sure you do not have any excess resources in your Sanctuary prior to joining. Start upgrades. Store in the alliance warehouse or transport them to a friend. If you have resources to steal then you can become a target.

Being directly attacked is more likely towards the end of the event when some players have already completed the maximum amount of gathering. Be aware of this. You can relocate in the map to a new location to avoid an attack but this will also recall all of your current gatherers and lose you any bonuses.

After joining move your HQ as near to the center as you feel comfortable with. This will depend on your relative strength. If you are Level 19 and in the 19-24 map then you may be under powered so you can play it safe and stay in the level 3 mine area. Or you can fight for the level 4 and level 5 main mine in the middle.

If you are under powered you may also need to have some march recall items available to let you recall troops if you are sending to a mine that a stronger player has also occupied.

You do not need many troops to gather from the mine, so you can send only a small number. This will save you from losing troops if your gatherers are attacked, although it will mean you are likely to lose any fight. You also get to keep most of your troops at home to use for defense or to attack other players gatherers if you want to.

Troops that are wounded will be sent to a state infirmary for the duration of the event. If you need these back to fight then you can heal these with speed up items, you do not need to spend resources. If you don't need them then just leave them where they are and they will be returned to you after the event ends.

If you want to complete the event and unlock all of the rewards you will have to concentrate on gathering from the level 4 mines and also occupy some of the Nuke Ore box items or the main level 5 mine in the center. There will be fights for these so make sure to have troops available and speedup to use for healing if needed. This of course will be easier if you are at the top end of the level bracket that you are allocated.

If you have any more questions for the Nukaland event or other events in Puzzles & Survival please head to the Answers Page to ask there.

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