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Puzzles and Survival is a game that blends two of the most popular genres currently being played on mobile devices, survival base building and match 3. It's an interesting concept, and to do well in the Puzzles and Survival you will have to know how to play both genres. Guide updated for 2021 to include more info on Best Heros, Gear Guide, EVA Guide, Events Guide and more.

In our guide to the game we'll take you through the basics of Puzzles and Survival so you will know what to do in the base building and survival elements and also in the match 3 part of the game.

Beginner Guide and Tips

There is a lot to do in this game, and for anyone starting the game for the first time, it may be a bit overwhelming, but take your time and follow the quest list to let the guide you as to what to do next. Below you-ll find some of he best tips for the this for beginner players.

1. Follow the Objectives

At the bottom left of the screen, you will see a notepad with a title, this is your current set of objectives. And for best progress, especially early in the game, we recommend you follow and complete the tasks on this list before doing other things, you don-t necessarily have to follow them in order, and some tasks you will find that you cannot complete right away and some pre-requisite objectives may need to be met first, but the game holds your hand in that respect, and you are guided to what you need to do before you are able to complete an objective with the 'Go' icon.

2. Head to Noah's Tavern Daily

Get free heroes and shards at Noah's Tavern
Get free heroes and shards at Noah's Tavern

On the game map, look out for a building named Noah's Tavern, here you get a number of free daily pulls to tray to get heroes, hero fragments and other useful items. We recommend that each day that you play Puzzles and Survival, you remember to check in to Noah's Tavern, for your free daily pulls.

3. Take the Radio Quiz

You can get loads of free rewards, by tapping the Radio button and participating in the Quiz, we are adding the quiz answers over on our Puzzles and Survival answers page, feel free to add any questions and answers that we don't already have. The rewards are not massive, but if you are on the game for a long period of time, it's worth checking in and trying to answer some of the game related questions.

4. Upgrade your Heroes

Pay attention to when you are able to upgrade your heroes, and then upgrade them. Be selective about which heroes you want to upgrade. Your heroes with more stars are generally the best one to upgrade. You should aim to have a good hero for each of the colors in the game.

5. Keep Building

With only one build queue in the game (unless you unlock another with VIP), it's important that you keep your builder busy. Before you stop playing, make sure he is set to work on a long task to keep him occupied until you return to the game.

6. Find an Active Alliance

It's a really good idea in games like this to join an alliance. If you can find a relatively active one then join it. You'll get some gems the first time you join an alliance, then you will be eligible to ask the alliance for help in builds which will reduce the build times. There are other benefits too, so check out joining an alliance as soon as you have unlocked that feature.

7. Keep producing troops

Troops do take some time to produce, and you can never have enough of them. So keep all of your barrack type buildings active and producing troops of all types. It's important to also upgrade any buildings related to troop production and troop strength, so you can be more effective in on the map battles and PvP wars later on down the road.

8. Participate in the Hunt

Play the Hunt
Play the Hunt

When you have unlocked it, participate in the Hunt for extra rewards. Not just the hunt, but look out for other events that will bring you extra free rewards and shards.

Match 3 Puzzle Tips

1. Learn which colors are effective against other colors.

Each color will have a neutral, weak or strong attack when they are matched and fire off against one of the enemies, according to what color that enemy is.

Match 3 Puzzle Game
Match 3 Puzzle Game

Here is a reference chart which details which colors are weak and strong against other colors.

Green is strong against:


Green is weak against:


Purple is strong against:


Purple is weak against:


Red is strong against:


Red is weak against:


Blue is strong against:


Blue is weak against:


Yellow is strong against:


Yellow is weak against:


2. Save your Hero Powers

Utilize your hero powers against the boss. If you know you have the boss in the next round, it may be a good idea to not use your hero powers in earlier rounds.

3. Time when to use the power tiles.

When you have matched 4 or more tiles in one move, you get a power tile. Time well when to use those power tiles to best effect. Sometimes it is a good idea to save them for your boss battle at the end.

Beware Modded APKs

Beware where you download Puzzles and Survival, only go to legitimate sources, and stay away from anything claiming to offer unlimited gems or modded APKs, this will get you banned from the game, and possibly leave your device vulnerable to hackers or loss of information,


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