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Research Lab (Nova) Guide

Research Lab (Nova) Guide
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Following a recent update the building previously known as EVA has been changed to the Research Lab and has moved position. It is now found on the right of your headquarters and is unlocked when your Headquarters reaches Lv.10. The EVA AI character that was present in the building has now been replaced with Nova.


Unlocking and then Increasing your Research Lab buildings's level can reduce the point cost when upgrading the skills.

Nova has a level increment which you add to using Nova Int. points. Increasing the level unlocks skills in two sections. Military, such as Troop might increases and Economy such as gathering speed. These are then increases with separate Nova Mil. and Nova Ecn. points.

You can also interact with Nova up to a fixed amount of time each day, with a 5 minute cool down between each. There are 3 options for interacting.
Affinity (Left button) - Rewards Nova Int. points
Praise (Center) - Rewards Nova Skill Points
Gift (Right) - Rewards random resources or skill points

How to Get Nova Materials

Mall and Events: Keep an eye on all active events for Nova rewards. There is also a variety of Nova-related boxes for sale in the Mall.

Rare Earth Shop: Collect as much Rare Earth as possible to redeem a variety of items including Nova Int./Ecn. Pts in Rare Earth Shop.

Hero Glory Shop: Fight your way through Hero Duel·Survival and reach top 500 to enter Hero Duel·Glory where you can challenge opponents to get special medals that can be exchanged for Nova Int./Ecn./Mil. Pts.

Ruins Shop: Clear as many Ruins floors as possible to redeem a variety of items including Nova Int./Ecn. Pts in Ruins Shop.

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