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Tech Sync Pair Tier List
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Tech Sync Pair Tier List

Screenshot credits: gamewith.net
Screenshot credits: gamewith.net

Pokemon Masters continually adds different characters. This list will provide Sync Pairs from different potentials that you can choose from. Here, we have the different Tech Sync Pairs that are beneficial to have (in no particular order)

Koga and Crobat

Koga and Crobat are one of the fastest Sync Pairs in the game. They are capable of leaving the target badly poisoned, which affects the damage of their other Moves. Increase your speed with X Speed then use Poison Fang to deal damage and the chance to inflict the badly poisoned status. Once that is applied, you can deal supporting damage through Venoshock which is stronger after. “Move Like a Shadow” enables you to increase your evasiveness and critical hit rate as well.

Lorelei and Lapras

Lorelei and Lapras have great defenses and bulk. Thanks to this, they can last in the battlefield while supporting with damage that has freezing chances. Use X Speed in order for you to move faster. You can choose single opponent damage with Ice Beam, or all opponents using Blizzard. If you’re under Hail, Blizzard won’t miss. Using the move “Brace Yourself!” increases your defense the lower your HP is (4 points at 33%) and will gradually heal your hp.

Sophocles and Togedemaru

Sophocles and Togedemaru have decent speed, which helps them in trying to inflict paralysis against opponents. X Sp. Def will sharply boost your Special defense capabilities. You can make opponents flinch by chance using Zing Zap, then Nuzzle for Paralysis. If you want to Support with damage, you can use “The Power of Science!” to increase your attack and speed, but lower your special defense. Your passive skill, Endurance, lets you survive attacks that can take you out in 1 hit.

Will and Xatu

Will and Xatu is a Tech team with very good defenses and speed. You can inflict confusion or make targets flinch by using Confuse Ray and Air Slash. If you have an opponent that raises their Stats, counter it with “Our Power Is Limitless!” which copies their stat increase for your own stat by double that amount. You can then used Stored Power to inflict damage the higher your stats are raised.

Blaine and Ponyta

Blaine and Ponyta focus on speed, and they’re great under sunny weather. You can trap opponents using Fire Spin, as well as burn opponents using Flame Wheel (this move can also remove you from being frozen). You can use Sunny Day to change the weather, this will power up your fire Moves too. “Raging Inferno” will drastically raise your attack, and sharply raise any of the remaining Stats.

Agatha and Mega Gengar

One of the fastest Tech teams with excellent Special attack Stats as well, they not only function as tech but they can provide good special damage. Their stats benefit from Mega Evolution so it’s best to get your sync move as soon as possible. You can place targets to sleep with Hypnosis, then reduce their Special Defense using Shadow Ball by chance. Using “Run Along Now!” will increase your speed in exchange for some magic reduction. Hex and your Sync move deals increased damage if opponents are asleep as well.

Wikstrom and Aegislash

Wikstrom and Aegislash can be used offensively or defensively thanks to their passive Stance Change. Using damaging Moves will switch you to Blade Forme and using King’s Shield or switching out will turn you to Shield Forme. You can increase your attack and critical-hit rate using “en Garde!” in Blade Forme, or increase your Defense and Special Defense in Shield Forme. Iron Head is a damaging move that can cause flinching, while Gyro Ball does increased damage against opponents who have increased speed.

Viola and Masquerain

Viola and Masquerain benefit from Evolution since they start with Surskit. This Sync Pair has one of the highest defenses and Bulk out of all Tech Sync Pairs. Use X Speed to increase your speed, then trap opponents with Infestation. You can also use Struggle Bug to lower the Special attack of opponents. When needed, you can use “Just Fantastic!” to increase your Special Defense further and heal yourself over time. They also have a great passive skill called Terrify 1 which lowers all opponent’s attack if they enter battle.

Grant and Amaura

Grant and Amaura have well rounded hp, defenses, and bulk. Your offensive Moves can lower opponent’s speed through Rock Tomb, or you can flinch them using Rock Slide. You can increase your Special defense using X Sp. Def as well. You can prolong your stay in battle using “Over the Wall!” which increases your move gauge by two, improves accuracy, and lets you heal over time. With your passive, you can choose immunity from hailstorm or sandstorms.


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