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How do I get free gems in Pokemon Masters?
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How do I get free gems in Pokemon Masters?

Gems are important in Pokemon Masters since they are needed for you to scout Sync Pairs. There are a variety of methods to obtain Gems in the game.

Log-in Bonuses

Aside from the Event Log-in Bonuses which are limited, there's a regular Log-In bonus in the game which changes every certain periods. You can get items such as gems, and Level up manuals there. Simply logging in each day and collecting your rewards will provide you with gems.

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Daily Missions

Daily Missions are tasks that you can do in order to get rewards. You can get Level up items, Training machines, and more. Completing certain tasks can grant you with gems. Check your mission list on your Poryphone in order for you to find which missions provide gems.

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Complete the Main Stories, Sync Pair Stories, and the Training Area

Completing certain chapters in the Main Story, as well as completing Sync Pair Stories provide gems as first-time rewards. Later chapters provider more challenges, so don't forget to Level up your team.

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