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What are the best F2P Sync Pairs?
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What are the best F2P Sync Pairs?

Pokemon Masters have great Sync Pairs that you can get for free, some of which are certain unlocks when you complete chapters in the game. Even if you have Free Gems to use, you might still want to be certain and have a team that's viable for the game. Thankfully, some great Sync Pairs are obtainable in the story modes.

What are the best F2P Sync Pairs?

You can check which Chapters you need to complete in order to know what Sync Pair you can get through this link: Unlockable Sync Pairs

Here are some of the good Sync Pairs that you can get from the Story Mode:

Sync Pair
Chapter 1
Rosa & Snivy
Chapter 2
Barry & Piplup
Chapter 5
Skyla & Swanna
Chapter 6
Korrina & Lucario
Chapter 11
Hau & Raichu (Alolan)
Chapter 13
Clair & Kingdra
Chapter 14
Viola & Surskit
Chapter 16
Koga & Crobat

All of these characters above are included in our tier lists respectively. Take note that some of them require Evolution or Mega evolution. Here's a description to their effectiveness in battle:

Rosa and Serperior

Once you Evolve Snivy into Serperior, you get increased Stats for this Sync Pair. A great Support with Special Strike Roles, they can increase the entire team’s stats using X Sp. Atk All which increases special attack. They can also use their skill “Time to Energize!” to increase the move gauge of your allies by three, thus letting you deal more Moves. If your HP goes low, you can recover some of it using Giga Drain. They have a passive that they can learn as well called Stalwart, and this prevents them from getting their Sp. Def lowered.

Barry and Empoleon

Barry and Empoleon not only provides Special attack damage, but they can withstand opponent attacks with their decent defenses and bulk. Bubble hits all opponents and it can lower their speed, and you also gain access to Full Heal which removes status conditions. Bubble Beam can also lower the opponent’s attack speed, and has a low move gauge requirement. Using “No Hesitation!” increases your speed and critical hit rate. They’re great for secondary damage and AoE damage, taking opponents bit by bit.

Skyla and Swanna

Skyla and Swanna are able to heal allies using their potion move. With their “Take Flight!”, they can sharply raise the defense and speed of all sync pairs. This is great for preparing your Strike pairs as well as providing them with longevity. With these Moves and some secondary damage, they can assist both Support and strike allies.

Korrina and Mega Lucario

Korrina and Mega Lucario receive increased Stats due to Mega Evolution. They focus on one on one combat, so try your best to take down opponents fast before they take you down. Power-Up Punch increases your attack while dealing damage. They have Dire Hit which increases your critical hit-rate as well. Close Combat deals decent damage in exchange for lowering your Defense and Special Defense. When using the move “Skate on Through!”, you raise your attack and speed. Be careful though since Mega Lucario won’t survive much hits, so having the proper Support is needed.

Hau and Raichu (Alolan Form)

Hau and Raichu are able to deal area of effect damage, as well as paralyze opponents. Use X Sp. Atk to sharply raise your Special attack power. Thundershock if as fast move that may cause paralysis, while Discharge hits all opponents and can also paralyze opponents. With the move “Feel the Alolan Breeze!” you can drastically raise your speed and evasiveness; thus you can deal discharge faster. Be careful though since Raichu doesn’t have the best defenses, and is best paired with Support Pokemon that can protect it.

Clair and Kingdra

Clair and Kindra have well rounded Stats, they can move faster if they’re under the rain. Increase your damage with X Sp. Atk, then deal high damage by following up with Draco Meteor which will lower your Special attack after. Dragon Breath can paralyze opponents, making it easier for your to land Moves faster. Use the move “Victory is Mine!” to revert your lowered stats back to normal, as well as increasing your critical-hit rate. However, this move will also negate any stat increases from X Sp. Atk so be careful.

Viola and Masquerain

Viola and Masquerain benefit from Evolution since they start with Surskit. This Sync Pair has one of the highest defenses and Bulk out of all Tech Sync Pairs. Use X Speed to increase your speed, then trap opponents with Infestation. You can also use Struggle Bug to lower the Special attack of opponents. When needed, you can use “Just Fantastic!” to increase your Special Defense further and heal yourself over time. They also have a great passive skill called Terrify 1 which lowers all opponent’s attack if they enter battle.

Koga and Crobat

Koga and Crobat are one of the fastest Sync Pairs in the game. They are capable of leaving the target badly poisoned, which affects the damage of their other Moves. Increase your speed with X Speed then use Poison Fang to deal damage and the chance to inflict the badly poisoned status. Once that is applied, you can deal supporting damage through Venoshock which is stronger after. “Move Like a Shadow” enables you to increase your evasiveness and critical hit rate as well.

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