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What are the different Sync Pair roles?
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What are the different Sync Pair roles?

Unlike regular Pokemon games where you assign the role of your Pokemon (Sweeper, Setter, etc.), Pokemon Masters have specific Roles assigned to Sync Pairs. If you check your characters, you should be able to see a symbol near them that shows their role.

There are three roles in Pokemon Masters: Support, Strike, and Tech. Support roles have a heart icon, Strike roles have a fist, while Tech have an exclamation mark.

What are the different Sync Pair roles?

Support Role

Support Sync Pairs provide assistance to the entire team by providing them with buffs. Their attacks usually lower opponent's Stats, or they can cause opponents to prevent them from attacking. They also have Moves that come from the trainer that provide boosts.

For example, there's a move called X Defense All which sharply raises defense for the entire team. There are also crowd controlling Skills which causes opponents to aim at your Support Sync Pair.

Support Sync Pairs are important, they can provide extra damage boosts or defense boosts to your Strike Sync Pairs, making it easier for them to defeat an enemy, or withstand an attack.

Strike Role

Strike Sync Pairs are the main damage dealers, their role is to take out enemies with their attacks as soon as possible. Strike Sync Pairs can be categorized as Physical, or Special attackers and this is based on their Stats.

Their buff Moves are usually aimed for themselves only in order to boost their damaging capabilities. They can have trainer moves like X Attack which increases your attack power, or Dire Hit+ which increases your critical hit rate. It should be taken note though that Strike Sync Pairs do not have the best defenses, therefore having support Pokemon with you beneficial.

Tech Role

Tech Sync Pairs provide secondary damage in battle, but their main role is to inflict statuses and de-buffs. They can cause status such as poison, burn, paralyze, frozen, and more. They also have Moves that can cause opponents to flinch, leave them confused, or even lower their Stats.

They are important in teams for your strategy. If an opponent is fast, you can paralyze them, or if their attack deals too much damage then you can lower them.


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