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Strike (Physical) Sync Pair Tier List
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Strike (Physical) Sync Pair Tier List

Screenshot credits: gamewith.net
Screenshot credits: gamewith.net

Pokemon Masters continually adds different characters. This list will provide Sync Pairs from different potentials that you can choose from. Here, we have the different Strike (Physical) Sync Pairs that are beneficial to have (in no particular order)

Noland and Mega Pinsir

Noland and Mega Pinsir is a strong Physical Sync Pair once you’ve used their Sync Move. This enables Pinsir to become Mega Pinsir through Mega Evolution. They have high attack, as well as decent defense and Special defense. They have X Attack to sharply raise their attack stat, while Fury Cutter provides damage while increasing the power in succession. They also have another attack with X Scissor which does decent damage. Their passive skill can either be Impervious which prevents their Stats to be lowered, or Unhindered which can ignore any damage reducing effects of opponents. They’re best paired with Support sync pairs to increase their attack further, or with support sync pairs that can get the enemy’s attention while they rack up their Fury Cutter. Take note as well that they don’t have Moves that deal area of effect damage.

Olivia and Lycanroc (Midnight Form)

Olivia and Lycanroc can hit really hard if their Moves hit. With X Attack, they can sharply raise their attack. Stone Edge provides really high damage, but it has 80 accuracy. When they hit however, it will reduce the opponent’s HP by a huge amount, and they’re able to defeat others with one hit. They have a move called “Hard as Diamonds!” which can increase their accuracy and hit rate, but at the same time lowers your Special defense. If you have a Support sync pair to assist you with setting up, then you’ll be able to achieve very strong stone edge attacks.

Brendan and Treecko

A strong sync pair that can land critical hits easily, they have Dire Hit to sharply raise their critical hit rate. They can use a move called “No Turning Back!” which uses up your move gauge to increase your Attack and Special attack. With the proper set up, you can use Bullet Seed to land multiple hits of critical attacks. They also have Leaf Storm which is a special attack, but it lowers their special attack as well. Pair them with a good Support Pokemon to tank or heal them so they can do their proper set up.

Kris and Feraligatr

Another sync pair that can undergo Evolution, they can benefit from increased attack Stats. You can use X Attack to sharply raise your attack, and use Waterfall or Mega Kick for dealing damage. Waterfall provides a chance for flinching, thus it helps with slowing opponents down. The move “Pick Up the Pace!” will sharply raise your speed, and your next hit will land a critical hit with perfect accuracy. You can choose your passive skill as Endurance which lets you survive attacks that can take you down with 1 hit. Their other passive is Water Shift which can turn Mega Kick to a water Type move.

Hilda and Emboar

Starting out from Tepig, Hilda can Evolve it to Emboar for its final stage. They’re a sync pair with one of the highest HP Stats in the game. Flame Charge when used increases your speed. You have Potion to use for healing as well. Flame Charge deals damage but provides recoil, however it has high power and it can burn opponents. With their move “Try and Stop Us!”, you can increase your attack power depending on how speed you’ve raised.

Roark and Cranidos

Roark and Cranidos can deal really high amount of damage, in exchange for their defenses. They’re a good glass cannon sync pair when paired with the proper Support. Use X Attack to sharply raise your attack, then Head Smash to deal high damage. This move however inflicts 33% of the damage you give as recoil. The move “You’re Gonna Need a Helmet!” will increase your move gauge by three, and provides a sure hit for your next attack. You can pair them with support Pokemon that can heal their recoil damage, or provide defenses.

Korrina and Mega Lucario

Korrina and Mega Lucario receive increased Stats due to Mega Evolution. They focus on one on one combat, so try your best to take down opponents fast before they take you down. Power-Up Punch increases your attack while dealing damage. They have Dire Hit which increases your critical hit-rate as well. Close Combat deals decent damage in exchange for lowering your Defense and Special Defense. When using the move “Skate on Through!”, you raise your attack and speed. Be careful though since Mega Lucario won’t survive much hits, so having the proper Support is needed.

Elesa and Zebstrika

A strong physical sync pair that can leave opponents paralyzed; they can deal high amount of damage in exchange for recoil damage. X Attack can be used to sharply raise their attack stat. Wild Charge provides high damage with 20% recoil based on the damage you’ve dealt. They have a move called “Electrifying!” which restores your HP for a bit, and you’ll land a critical hit for your next move. Pair them with Support Pokemon that can redirect damage since their defense and Special defense aren’t the best.

Bruno and Machamp

Bruno and Machamp are able to deal decent damage while withstanding some physical attacks as well. They’re best paired with teams that can grant increased attack further, or even increased critical-hit rates. Dire Hit + increases your own critical hit rate sharply, and which combined with Cross Chop, can land more easily. Their passive skill will power up Moves if they land critical hits as well. Take note though that their speed and Special defense isn’t the best.


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